Sophie’s Specials

Hi everyone!


It’s time for another exciting flyer, and this one is full of great stuff. How about 30% savings on 33,000 eStore Points or more with a Promo Code?!


And everyone loves free stuff, right? On March 27th we are giving away a Spring Basket Flowerglobe to all eStore customers. Don’t forget!


There is still time to grab a FREE 2016 Carton of White Chocolate Eggs when you spend 20,000 eStore Points or more in the Happy Spring category. Who knows what you’ll find inside!


The wait is over, on March 28th the 2016 Spring Mystery Clothing Bag is coming to Ganz eStore!


As always, have a great weekend my friends!


42 Responses to Sophie’s Specials

  1. 50ishwebbies says:

    Thank you so much Sophie!!! Happy Easter everyone! Happy Spring too!

  2. Queencows says:

    Please, can you tell me when the Deluxe Golden Dragon will be available again?

  3. Sunshower says:

    Hey Ganz, when will the Olympus Pegasus be released? It is SO gorgeous, I LOVE how DIFFERENT it is compared to the other Webkinz Pegasi!

  4. 4CheeseTortellini says:

    Looking forward to the release of the 2016 Spring Mystery Clothing Bags on Monday! Thanks for the heads up on this week’s specials, Sophie! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, everyone ♥

  5. doingmydailies says:

    Lots of great deals! I better remember to spend 20,000 estore points because I want a free carton of White Chocolate Eggs very badly. And it is super easy to spend lots of estore points! My points never last that long. That Daffodil Bed is so pretty. I know there are a lot of flower beds available but I love that one in particular. And I can’t wait to get that free Flowerglobe gift. Very clever name by the way! :D

  6. ilovemoonie says:

    Ooh, there’s a daffodil dress? I’ll have to take a look at it. ;)

  7. MonkeyHeart173 says:

    Awesome, a points sale just before mystery bags come out. That will be super handy! :) I love mystery bags!

  8. FennecFox says:

    Awesome…. Thanks Sophie!!! :D

  9. kbk100 says:

    Thank you, Sophie! Can’t wait for the free gift…and those mystery bags!!! :)

  10. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Cool! I especially love the free Easter basket globe giveaway! ^•^ I can’t wait to get mine!!!! :D

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