Special activities for Lil Owl Owners start TODAY!


Hoo has a Lil Owl? If you have one of these sweet pets in your Webkinz family, good news! A whole month full of special activities for Lil Owl owners starts today! Visit Today’s Activities every day to get your bonus activity.


If you’d like to add one of these sweet pets to your family, you can find the Lil Owls at Ganz eStore starting October 11.


Hoo could resist these adorable birds?


18 Responses to Special activities for Lil Owl Owners start TODAY!

  1. sjc4498 says:

    Little Jolly Owl’s bonus activity isn’t on today’s activities today the 16th of October

  2. sjc4498 says:

    Little Wise Owl special activity for today is extra spin on wheel of wow, also for deluxe members there is an extra spin on wheel of wow, but when I went to do my regular spin it said I already used my spin for today. I should have had 3 spins today, but only got 2.

  3. sarahj8 says:

    Can someone please attach the link to purchase one? I can’t find it and I’ve been looking for quite some time.

  4. dawnshome says:

    It doesn’t make sense that you can’t buy one until Oct 11 and the activities start today!

  5. miamama says:

    Hi, Can someone who has a Lil Owl tell me if they are actually small like Lil Kinz, or regular size? Thanks!

  6. originalt says:

    Hey szivarvany5, I forgot to tell you that my mum got me a Lil Tricky Owl too! (she is deluxe). I love it, I named him Trick or Treat. He is so cute :)

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