Special Activities for Quokka Owners Start Today!


To welcome the Quokka to Webkinz, we have planned a whole month full of fun activities for Quokka owners.


Visit ‘Today’s Activities’ which can be accessed through the ‘Things To Do’ menu every day when log in to get your special activities.


The adorable Quokka can be found at Ganz eStore and in the W Shop starting today, so check out this sweet pet, and check out all the fun activities we have planned all month!


Quokka Special Activities Schedule

May 17 – Big Button of KinzCash

May 18 – Jellybean Challenge

May 19 – Token Balloon Dartz

May 20 – Balloon Dartz

May 21 – Dunk the Zingoz

May 22 – Pixie Pod Seed

May 23 – SPREE roll

May 24 – Something Shiny

May 25 – Wheel of YUM

May 26 – Wheel of Wishes

May 27 – Quick Draw

May 28 – Wheel of YUM

May 29 – Prize Klaw

May 30 – Quick Draw

May 31 – Big Button of KinzCash

June 1 – Something Shiny

June 2 – Wheel of YUM

June 3 – Jellybean Challenge

June 4 – 200 KinzCash

June 5 – W Shop Coupon

June 6 – Pixie Pod Seed

June 7 – Balloon Dartz

June 8 – Wheel of the Month

June 9 – Wheel of YUM

June 10 – Something Shiny

June 11 – Prize Klaw

June 12 – SPREE roll

June 13 – W Shop Coupon

June 14 – Big Button of KinzCash

June 15 – Jellybean Challenge

June 16 – Token Balloon Dartz

June 17 – Balloon Dartz

17 Responses to Special Activities for Quokka Owners Start Today!

  1. Dolan says:

    I just adopted mine and called him Quirky.

  2. ilovemoonie says:

    This pet is super cute! =D I just adopted mine a little earlier, and I named him “Murray”, after Australia’s principal river ^-^

  3. bonesbongo says:

    The Quokkas are so cute! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It was difficult to pick the perfect name for it. At first, I thought of naming it Brittany from the ‘Chippettes’ it reminds me of a jumping chipmunk, so adorable and cuddly. After much thought I finally decided to name this cutie ‘Quokkacola’. :}

  4. dianadoodlebug says:

    Oh gosh all I want is this cute little pet!!!!

  5. Oldshowsrock58 says:

    aww he’s so cute!!! if i had one i would name it Robert, after Robert Irwin :) BTW if any of you are friends with me ( UN is angelgirldog7 ) please send me a Kinzpost letter. I am going through my Friends List to delete accounts that seems to no longer be active and I don’t want to accidentally delete one of you that is active :) thanks!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi ~angelgirldog7! I am an active player (on daily) and you are on my friend list. My UN ends in 8. If I get time this week, I will try to send you a kinzpost. I have to do the same thing. I haven’t weeded out my friends list in a long time, and it has sort of sprawled out of control. I will have to work on that this summer. If I adopted a Quokka, I might name it Bindi, for the same reason. ;)

  6. kakenta says:

    What an adorable little guy! Two complaints: Just had a pet ask to play mini-golf! Not there, of course. Also, I have recess on two accounts, but when I try to go on any of the “games” it freezes. It does not help to log out and try again because it continues to happen every time. A couple accounts freeze when I move to another room..again, log out and go back in. It is very annoying when it is gardening time. Go to my garden room, freeze, log out, log in, harvest plants, go to different room, freeze, log out, log in. I have found it happens even when I choose another pet if I am in my room. To choose another pet I have to go to an activities page, pick new pet and then go back home. Very frustrating!!!

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      The Mini Golf issue will be resolved after the next maintenance. Are you using Edge by any chance? It has some compatibility issues — we suggest using Chrome or Firefox.

      • cmsrockz1 says:

        Sally are they going to get Webkinz Stadium.why do they not answer the ganz phone any more?The you send e-mails that does not work.I send messages to the customer service. The keep putting my e-store points into my webkinz account, I just keep tryin, Will they ever abswer the phone again?

  7. 20hreiling says:

    So cute!! :D

  8. megamom12 says:

    I just bought mine. I’m still choosing a name for him.

    • animalmomkls says:

      He’s super adorable! I’m thinking of naming mine Buttons, but not 100% sure yet. Might just keep thinking about it for a few more days, and miss some of the special activities.

  9. KSC says:

    The quokkas are so cute!

  10. 7debbie7 says:

    Lucky Quokkas’ owners…he’s adorable!

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