Special Announcement: Daisy Doe Is Running For Mayor of Kinzville!


In a shocking twist of events, Daisy Doe has decided to run for mayor of Kinzville! Here is her official speech announcing her campaign:



“Citizens of Kinzville. Friends. Since I have arrived in town you have welcomed me with open arms. You have sampled my food, joined me for Veggie Fest and shared a smoothie with me in the Kinzville Park. Together we have fought for a healthier lifestyle… But have we done all we can?


With Halloween just around the corner, Webkinz everywhere will soon be back to their unhealthy habits of eating junk food and snacking on sweets.


We need a leader who can make our health our number one priority! We need a leader to ensure that Kinzville grows into a town that supports the idea of maintaining a healthy lifestyle! I, Daisy Doe, am HUNGRY FOR CHANGE and I believe that I can be the leader that Kinzville has been waiting for!


I am here to officially announce that I would like to run for mayor of Kinzville!


I am determined to give everyone the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.  That’s why, if you elect me for mayor, my first order of business will be to set up a Healthy Food Stand permanently in the Kinzville Park, in place of Mr. Moo’s Ice Cream cart.  I will also promise to clean up the W-Shop, removing unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy alternatives. This change will bring with it an increase of the health boosts of all W-Shop foods! I will even add a few of my own treats to the shop that you have sampled throughout the past few weeks.


Kinzville, together we can create a HEALTHIER tomorrow!”





Who will run against Daisy Doe to become the new mayor of Kinzville? Stay tuned! Make sure you check Webkinz Newz often for campaign updates and special reports from your official “Webkinz Votes 2014” election reporter, Ella McWoof!


YOU can vote for your favorite candidate right here on Webkinz Newz from November 28th – 30th and decide who will be the mayor of Kinzville! Election results will be announced on Monday, Dec 1st!


875 Responses to Special Announcement: Daisy Doe Is Running For Mayor of Kinzville!

  1. bhh03 says:

    Even in 2020, I am still mad at Daisy Doe for this. Just because I get food from you, DOESN’T MEAN I FORGIVE YOU DAISY DOE!

  2. twinners1 says:

    This is SO late, I mean this is four years later but DAISY DOE IS AWFUL!!!

  3. Onceuponatimemee says:

    Oh, and. I am not trying to vote her out completely but, really? And may I remind you this is a video game, not the real world. Digital Junk Food?

  4. Onceuponatimemee says:

    PLEASE READ! I say no, Daisy I don’t think you should wipe all the unhealthy treats!! How do you know we all eat the junk food all the time? We might have a mixture! I think Daisy is doing the right thing, she likes healthy food, but some people will disagree!! I don’t think Daisy should ruin the town, just for most people to be tortured.. And some to be happy? People who like Healthy foods can buy healthy foods in the stores, but wiping out all the junk food? That closes doors for plenty of people and opens some for people, for instance if Daisy takes away junk food for a junk food hater, why doe’s that make them happier? It just makes people eat healthy food if they want to or they don’t. I think Daisy should just open a Restaurant so everyone is happy! And, Dex is selfish, I mean read what he wants for Webkinz! “A Dex movie!” or something, it’s really not a good choice to vote for him… I mean even if he is a super star, he’d be to busy making movies and games and stuff. I know my two votes, I can’t vote for both. But I need to decide before tomorrow!!

  5. nihasriha says:

    Nafira is better than Daisy Doe. Vote NO for the DOE!

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