Special Report With Sally Webkinz


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and of course my mind is on my favorite topic… food! This time, I wanted to take a look at the various heart-shaped foods that are available in Webkinz World… and there were actually fewer than I thought, considering how many Valentine-themed pets we’ve had over the years.




I think my favorite would probably be the Sweet and Sour Hearts. While I love chocolate (and that is kind of the main theme for Valentine’s Day), there’s something about sour candy that I just can’t resist.


I’ve got several heart-shaped cake pans and cookie cutters at home, so I will likely make something special for Valentine’s Day… in fact, I’m quite inspired by the Heartfelt Tuna Melt. I think I might make a heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwich with some yummy homemade tomato soup!


Which of these foods are your favorite? Do you have any special meals planned for Valentine’s Day? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Lorraine5442 says:

    Today 2/16/2019 Hope you can help me I won wish factory today a campkinz pool I have not received it in by dock Thank you P King Duck

  2. hope1122 says:

    hope1122. thanks for the events. they’re fun

  3. catladyinpajamas says:

    Lucky me!! I went away all day so I missed the break down. But I had finished my challenge a couple of days before. I like them so much I quickly do them and then have no challenge to work on the rest of the time even with the monthly challenge. But I do have fun doing each and every one of them!! Thank you everyone at Ganz and Webkinz always a good job done!!

  4. Nickelcat says:

    Is anyone willing to meet me at a certain time and lose a few games of checkers to me? I have been unable to win the last many games I have played against the Webkinz hosts and each game takes so long!

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