Special Report With Sally Webkinz

Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in on how everyone’s Flower Collection is going. I’m not as far along as I would have liked, but I’m working on it. I know I’ll be able to finish it at least once, and maybe get half way through a second time.


Since I’ve got flowers on the brain, I decided to take a look at some of the flower-shaped foods in Webkinz World! I’m sure that I missed a bunch, but these ones were flower-shaped and had flower in their name, so were easy to find. Which is your favorite?



I think my favorite is the Flowerbed Flapjacks. There’s just something about it that is appealing. Well, back to my collection… good luck everyone!

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  1. Dolan says:

    I just started my third collection, thanks to my helpful WW friends! I have all the e-store flower foods and probably some of the PSFs too. (I have almost 450 pets now, so I can’”t remember all their PSFs!) I think the porridge was a wheel prize a while ago? I seem to remember winning it.

    • Dolan says:

      I just checked my account and I have the Flower Power Sugar Cookies (Rockerz Cow PSF), Wild Flower Wrap (Petal Print Skunk PSF), Wildflower Nectar (Golden Lion Tamarin PSF),Sunflower Seed Soup (Canary PSF) and Fresh Flower Cocktail (Tropical Island Pup PSF).

      • ImaPepper says:

        Hi, Dolan–wow, you have them all? Amazing! I have a few, it’s nice to see these collections. I remember the wildflower porridge being a prize from a promotion a long time ago…along with some other tropical foods, and a bear statue…I think it was for a movie? With bears on an island? And you’re correct, I think it was a wheel prize in WW not too long ago. By the way, hanks for being a great friend–you are always so helpful with collections!

  2. dtbhorse says:

    my favorite is the flower tart!

  3. Rocky5465 says:

    I love the Frosted Candy Flowers and the Marshmallow Flower, those are my favorites!

  4. choover143 says:

    All of these are so cool. I have the gingerbread, the pie pops, the marshmallow and the candy coated one. I would love it if anyone has the others if they could send me some – I love collecting food :)

  5. machaela says:

    I do not remember a lot of these and I have been playing since the beginning!

  6. KSC says:

    The Frosted Candy Flowers are so beautiful!

  7. Nate4555 says:

    Flowerbed Flapjacks are my favorite since I have the Purple Floral Fox.

  8. HobbitJedi says:

    Hey Sally! My flower collection only needs around 20 flowers left! I actually have a question about asking friends for flowers… Why can’t we ask hosts to send us flowers? And is there a limit of how many flowers friends can give us in one day? I have 4 other accounts and send my main account 2 flowers per other account. That would be 8 flowers, but when I get back on my main account it only gives me 4 and only two other accounts with two flowers. So it is almost like the two other accounts did not send their two flowers. Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense. Those flower foods are pretty, I like the flower tart.

  9. xxmgn says:

    Delightful Flower Cookie? Does that mean the Delightful Patio Plant was released in the other box?? :o

  10. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    I like the Flower Layer Cake. It’s so pretty!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Same! Does anyone know where to get the Flower Layer Cake? I would love to try it irl! I’m guessing that a lot of these beautiful creations are PSIs. There are a lot of foods in WW with flower garnishes, but some of my favorite flower foods would have to be Shabloomers because it is one of the first recipe foods I received when I first started playing Webkinz, Tulip Truffles because… PURPLE!, and Roserina Blushini because it’s too pretty to eat!

      • dogfish says:

        Hi Beckinz8, the cake is the Floral Pony PSF. I would also eat that in RL it looks yummy. Most of those are PSF and a few are from the food trees and dispensers.Do you collect food? DF

        • Beckinz8 says:

          Yay ~dogfish! I can always count on you to have the answers! I do not technically collect food… but… I do try to store one of each of the unique foods that I receive, but it’s nothing that I work on intentionally. I don’t really collect anything but I am partial to furniture because I love room design. (as you know because you have blessed me with some really awesome stuff!) Most of my pets are realistically colored, and I don’t usually lean toward the fantasy pets, but with a gorgeous PSF like that flower layer cake, maybe I will have to reconsider! Plus, I love all things horse in the first place so the Floral Pony would just be a colorful addition to my stable.

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