Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Hi everyone, Steve Webkinz here. In today’s special report, I’m going to take a look at the latest updates for Pet Medallions!





If you don’t know anything about our new Pet Medallion system for adopting pets, you’ll want to first read our introduction to Pet Medallions here.





While we’ve been slowly rolling out sets of pets to collect with medallions, the most recent ones are intended to be the last for the near future. This means there are a total of 24 different pets that you can adopt with Pet Medallions.


Not only do different pets require different amounts of medallions to adopt them, but the chance of getting each medallion has different rarities as well. Here’s a look at each pet’s medallion value and rarity:









Out of the 24 pets, 2 of them (the Rainbow Googles and the Diamond Dragonfly) are exclusive to the Pet Medallion system, which means that it’s the only way that you can adopt them!





There is also an “Any Pet” Pet Medallion that can be collected and used towards any of the 24 pets. When you get one, it is automatically added to the Any Pet Medallion counter on your Pet Medallions screen. You can then add it to a specific pet by selecting that pet in the Medallions tab and then clicking the Any Pet Medallions transfer button in the top left (orange) area of your screen.





If you’ve collected 10 medallions for a pet, you can also trade them for 1 Any Pet Medallion. Just select that pet and then click on the exchange button on the bottom left (blue) area of your screen.





There are now many more ways to collect Pet Medallions than there were when we first launched this feature.


Arcade games marked with a red gift box can award prizes for a “Great Play” (i.e., a specific score threshold). One of the prizes included in those drops are Pet Medallions. All games in the Webkinz mobile app Arcade can award a prize drop.


The “Great Play” score is different for each game. We can’t tell you what those scores are because there is only a chance that you’ll get a prize drop if you hit it, however we have recently increased the odds of getting a prize drop when getting a “Great Score”.





We’ve also added Pet Medallions to the Daily Delivery, so there’s a chance you’ll win one each day that you log into your Webkinz account.





We’ve also added a floating Pet Medallion that you can click on and collect 1 additional medallion per day.





Deluxe Members will now find a Deluxe Pet Medallion Gift Box among their monthly prizes. Inside is a random assortment of rare, uncommon and common Pet Medallions, including a chance at getting an Any Pet Medallion!




We also plan on offering more Pet Medallions as part of other prize pools and special offers in the near future. Keep watching Webkinz Newz for the latest updates!


How is YOUR Pet Medallion collection going? And what would you like me to report on next? Let me know in the comments below!


65 Responses to Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!

  1. kinzklipfan says:

    I know they’re marked as Common but I find the American Golden, Pig, and especially the Gargowl much harder to get than the Tilerlily Pup and Clydesdale! And I think my only Diamond Dragonfly medallions were from the Wheel of Wow, which I find surprising since it’s not considered Rare.

  2. DingoBango says:

    Siiick, I know it’s a common but I really want the floral fishy!!!

  3. ecofriend137 says:

    There isn’t red boxes on the arcade games scrolling through or when you click on a game so..

  4. winzarwolf says:

    play flutterbugged i got one almost every time

  5. C_4_Life says:

    for those who dont know yet, the ability to get a medallion in the arcade has expanded to all the games

  6. lilybunny10 says:

    I keep trying to redeem my 100 snowy retriever medallions, but webkinz says medallion redemption not available currently. help!

  7. greencar says:

    I need to understand this whole medallion thing????? Got 10 medallions and went to make the exchange for 1 any pet-and-poof—10 coins disappear and nothing for them-not 1 medallion anywhere!!! Guess I will just wait til I can adopt and maybe my new pet(whichever one) won’t disappear!!

    • MMTaffyM says:

      Near the arrow which exchanges 10 pet medallions for 1 any pet medallion there is an arrow to exchange 1 any pet medallion for any pets’ medallion. Nothing shows that you received an any pet medallion besides that one shows up on that arrow; then you can choose which pet you were saving up medallions for and click that arrow. Nothing fancy shows with the graphics, there is nothing saying, “You successfully exchanged your medallions,” but there is a sound that plays when you exchange medallions, it’s a slightly scary sound.

  8. gmatiny says:

    PLEASE People learn 2 ways 1 by reading like reading the details above. For others they NEED a video that actually SHOWS this being done . I need a video please make 1. IF and when I get a FREE MEDALLION in my dock I am saveing it for that last medallion I need to finish to get a pet ;) !!!

  9. KICAVE says:

    play Alantatiles it’s the easiest one to get a maedallion, make it to at least the 6th level though 8th is the highest.

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