Introducing a Brand New Way to Adopt Webkinz Pets – for FREE!

Now you can adopt pets for FREE just by playing in Webkinz World! Introducing Pet Medallions!

Pet Medallions!

What are Pet Medallions?

Pet Medallions are a new form of currency in Webkinz World. Each Medallion is pet-specific. When you collect enough of a particular Pet Medallion, you can trade them in to adopt that virtual pet – for FREE! There are also special ‘AnyPet’ Medallions, which act like a wild card and can be used toward any pet.

How do you get Pet Medallions?

You can earn Pet Medallions a couple of ways. Look for the red gift box icon in the Arcade to see which games offer Medallions and when you play one of those games, you have a chance of winning a prize which might be a Medallion! You can win up to 10 prizes per day in the Arcade. And you can earn one ‘AnyPet’ Medallion by trading 10 Pet Medallions of any one pet. Look for more ways to earn Pet Medallions in the future!

Pet Medallions!

June 6 – 12, Look for the Floating Medallion!

Between June 6 and 12 you have even more chances to earn Medallions! You can earn one extra Pet Medallion a day when you see the floating Pet Medallion in Webkinz World and click on it!

Pet Medallions!

Pet Medallions!

Where can you find your Pet Medallions?

Pet Medallions don’t appear in your Dock but it’s easy to see how many you’ve collected. Just open your ‘My Pets’ window and you’ll find a new tab called ‘Medallions’. Medallion pets appear here, along with a meter showing how many Medallions you have collected toward each pet, as well as the total number of Medallions required for each. You can click on each pet for information about its PSI and PSF.

Pet Medallions!

How do you adopt a pet using Medallions?

When you’ve earned enough Medallions to adopt a pet, the meter beneath that pet will change to an ‘Adopt’ button. Just click the button and you will be taken to the Adoption Center and complete the adoption process as you would for any Webkinz pet.

Pet Medallions!

Are Pets adopted using Medallions the same as regular Webkinz Pets?

Just like any Webkinz pet, a Medallion pet comes with its own Pet-Specific Item and Pet-Specific Food, and it behaves like any other pet in Webkinz World. It makes Pet Requests and has Happiness, Hunger, and Energy meters that need to be filled to help increase your Family Score. The only difference is that pets purchased using Medallions do not extend your Full Membership.

Pet Medallions!

Which Pets can you adopt using Pet Medallions?

There are currently twelve pets which can be adopted using Pet Medallions, including two brand new pets that can only be adopted using Medallions! Each pet has a unique Medallion value – the rarer the pet, the more Medallions you’ll need. The pets are:

  • American Golden
  • Blossom Fish
  • Calico Cat
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • Clydesdale
  • Gargowl
  • Signature English Spot Bunny
  • Signature Normande Cow
  • Stone Lion
  • Tigerlily Pup
  • Rainbow Googles NEW!
  • Diamond Dragonfly NEW!


We want to hear your feedback and comments to help us make collecting Pet Medallions an awesome experience for everyone! Let us know what you think!

455 Responses to Introducing a Brand New Way to Adopt Webkinz Pets – for FREE!

  1. brookey101 says:

    I do not see any red boxes on arcade games to win pet Medallions

  2. dbenj0307 says:

    can I just buy these pets somewhere with money? I looked everywhere and I can’t find any way to purchase the stone lion or the dragonfly.

    • sydthekid6 says:

      i agree we should be able to purchase medallions I’m trying to get the kiwi bird and i only get 1-2 medallions per day if i want more i have to sit there for literally hours before more come across the screen. i don’t have a lot of time in the day to be playing webkinz I’m 20 this year and have other things to do but i still make time for webkinz

  3. mistwolf3350 says:

    I didn’t know what pet medallions were for! I just figured they were collectable achievements. This is so awesome!

  4. simba1994 says:

    They need to add more pets to adopt with medallions plus more ways to get the medallions.

  5. mojo18x2 says:

    i don’t understand, will i have to start over with new pets and lose my old

  6. Tomaycia says:

    what games offer madallians ? i do not see any. Plus I can’t figure out how to use them can i combine i medallion with other ones to equal 10or do i need to have a solid ten of one kind to trade for one ? uggg

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      All games in the Arcade except the dailies (Wheels, Wishing Well 2, etc) and Goober’s Atomic Adventure have a chance to award medallions

      • Tomaycia says:

        I have traded medallions twice towards getting the diamond dragonfly. Therefore right now i should have had 24 towards that pet but something happened and my medallions disappeared “FOREVER” has this happened to any of you before.. help me what can i do ? Now i am afraid to trade meddiallians again but i seriously want that pet. Please someone help me

      • GlacyIceyWK says:

        I just got a Calico Cat medallion on the wheel of wow?

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