Look for the Floating Pet Medallion!

Between June 6 and 12 you have a chance to earn a bonus Pet Medallion every day! You can earn one random Pet Medallion a day when you see the floating Pet Medallion in Webkinz World and click on it!


But what IS a Pet Medallion???


Learn all about Pet Medallions here!

101 Responses to Look for the Floating Pet Medallion!

  1. Monstermaster13 says:

    Exactly how many points do you need in the games to get the medals? It isn’t entirely clear on which ones and I wish there was a way to collect all the medals easily.

  2. fifirama says:

    Good in theory, but impossible in reality. To earn even 100 for just one pet seems like it will take years. I also tried many times to play the games for a prize and nothing. I am not going to give these medallions any more thought. THey are not worth my time.

    • DriveMeFan says:

      I sooo agree with you

      • paperclip00 says:

        I was excited about this at first, but now I agree with y’all. I wish they’d either make medallions more accessible or lower the cost of the medallion pets. As for me, if a few medallions come my way, I’ll take them, but I’m not gonna toast all my time merely to get ONE.

  3. choover143 says:

    Can you run the floaty event forever? I have played so many games and have never earned a medallion. Even if I played every day, it will take almost a year to get 250 free floaty medallions.

  4. flyingblue4me2 says:

    Thank you for doing this! As an older, more experienced member, I’m glad to say that this will provide motivation among many of your younger audience. I love the idea, maybe add more ways to earn the medallions, fine-tune everything a little bit, and then I think it’ll be great.

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