Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Hi everyone, Steve Webkinz here. In today’s special report, I’m going to take a look at some specialty storage items.



For those that don’t like a lot of clutter in their Docks or rooms, storage items can offer the perfect solution for keeping everything neat and tidy.


When we first launched Webkinz World, the only storage items we had were toyboxes and fridges. Since then, we’ve expanded to allow wardrobes and closets to store clothing. We also have “Swatch Closets” that can store away Wallpaper and Flooring. While most are only sold at the eStore, the Samples Style Cabinet is available for KinzCash in the Storage subcategory of the WShop!




If you have a lot of coupons cluttering your Dock, the Ganz eStore has a Couponer’s Chest of Drawers to help you store them away.



This past St. Patrick’s Day, we gave away a Lucky Coin Box, which can be used to store away all of your collectible coins!



We now also have 2 garages which can be used to store away some of your pet’s favorite vehicles! The Tie-Dyed Garage is sold at the eStore, and the Garage Shed was given away as a prize to members during our June 2018 Deluxe Day!



This has been Steve Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz! Which other items do YOU think should have specialty storage? What are some other things in Webkinz World you’d like to know more about? Let me know in the comments below.



52 Responses to Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!

  1. zengirl says:

    With the deluxe membership we get a daily adventure. Will there ever be new rewards. i have so many multiples of these items. it sure would be nice if these could be more deluxe type rewards.

  2. fangojett says:

    WHAT? How did I not know about swatch closets??? I am seriously shook haha I always have so many walls and floors in my dock and never even thought about being able to store them away. The garages are also really cute! I have a room off of my front yard called the “garage,” and it’s where I keep all my vehicles and other work/tool equipment. Throwback to the old automotive room theme!

  3. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:


  4. KarenaJ says:

    Sorry to go off topic but, has anyone else had issues with the floating berries on WW? I use desktop and they are super slow coming. It took me several hours to collect on one account. I’m going to try the browser site to see it they do any better.

  5. isthisnecessary says:

    I would love a storage item that held posters! I have a lot of those and not enough walls. It would really be great if everything that would fit in a storage container in real life, fit in them in WW. There are a lot of small items like candles, nutcrackers, tea sets, and shells that would fit, but don’t.

  6. starrie says:

    Hi Steve! The storage is great, but if I put something in there, I totally forget where and which room I put it in. Will there be a way to index items we have so we can easily find them? I called once to customer service and they were able to find it right away. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. annietherat says:

    I have a plushy storage room. I use the bloomin wardrobes to hold them.

  8. Bubblilious1 says:

    I love all the storage ideas and I am very grateful. A hint perhaps for future storage would be to store a hundred items, the more the better. I also would love to be able to store all items for a room theme. Again, to hold tons. And finally, if we could write on the storage so we could identify what is on them. This would be especially helpful in fridges but also ideal for all storage. I’ve often thought maybe even a mat we could write on that we can place in front of the storage item or the storage itself write “Costumes”, “T-shirts”, “2019″. I hope you like these ideas for future storage. I really need California Closets for my dock or Marie Kondo’s help.

    • ImaPepper says:

      Lol. I love your “California Closets” and Marie Kondo comment–I need the same help! Labeling storage containers is an AWESOME idea–I love it! I have some rooms that I’ve labeled with their contents, but that makes for a LOT of storage rooms…your idea is better.

      • Bubblilious1 says:

        Thank you ImaPepper for your reply. I’m glad to see that I am not the only one feeling the need for a little more help with storage capabilities and I too have rooms specifically labelled like you do. Maybe one day.

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