Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Hi everyone, Steve Webkinz here. In today’s special report, I’m going to take a look at growing gardens in your yard.



For those who’ve been playing in Webkinz World for a while, you’ll know that you can find seed packets in the WShop under the Fun Stuff category.





Once you drag and drop your seeds into either an outdoor or treetop room, unlike before, you’ll no longer need to maintain them before they’re ready for harvest. After enough days have passed, you’ll see your plants are ready.



Click on them to send the grown food to your Dock. The harvested plant will return to its initial growth state and start the clock on growing again.


*Technical note: You can move Growing Garden items around a room at any time without affecting their growth timeline, but if you remove it from the room by sending it back to the Dock, it will be reset.





Plants will remain ready for harvest until you click on them and will never rot. Harvested food can either be fed to your pet or sold back to the WShop for KinzCash. Becoming a Webkinz farmer is a great way to earn lots of KinzCash!





Here is a look at the Growing Garden seeds available for KinzCash and how long they take before they’re ready to harvest!


*Technical note: Each Growing Gardens plant grows only 1 food item.




Note: Most Growing Garden seeds in the WShop available for eStore points take 7 days before they’re ready for harvest.


Have YOU been growing YOUR garden? And what would you like me to report on next? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. tinygma says:


    • Beckinz8 says:

      Yes! I’ve done it, but it can be difficult to be so precise on such a small screen. I often get the ‘this crop is not ready to harvest’ message because my finger was slightly to the side. Maybe I’d have better luck with a stylus. So harvest on the go and have a fun and safe road trip!

  2. beaglegirls says:

    For those of us that have been at it for many years, could you make it so we could sell more than one vegetable at a time in the W Shop? If we could see several at a time, it would make life so much easier. Thank you.

  3. Elfinlike says:

    I’ve been playing webkinz so long that i remember when we had to ‘tend’ to the garden……using a hoe & watering each item! :) [and if you didn't pick it in time, it would rot!] The new way is nice! :)

  4. Duckcall says:

    I have one outdoor room where I planted each of the seeds mentioned above until they were ready for harvest. Each day I harvest them so my pets get the farm fresh food. I have other gardens that I harvest at random.

  5. bright1234 says:

    yes the ad bar has become probalmatic covering the bottom of the whole screen

  6. Bubbanikki says:

    I LOVE collecting seeds, could you please make more seeds for special events. Like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. What about a design a seed contest ? Would love to see that in the future !

  7. Marissa76 says:

    SO GLAD they fixed farming. I was always so stressed out over it as a kid. However, I do agree that there should be more plants. I remember winning the Giant Marshmellow and how happy I was, but it would be so cool to have other “normal” plants as well. Maybe even flowers to decorate the yard or put in a pot?

  8. gabbye10 says:

    all crops should sell at the same price. you use to give is less for each strawberry harvest, but we could yield more strawberries. Also, I wish you would add a quanity to be sold in the Wshop…I have thousands of each crop to sell & it will take me forever to sell them individually.

    • kaye10 says:

      I find it interesting that different crops have different prices –just like a real market, produce is not sold in dollar stores, sorry ;) also, I don’t understand the selling one thing at a time — I sell things every single day (especially the birthday cake–too many sweets) but can always fill up all the sale blocks if I want/need to … best, k.

      • piggitime says:

        But even to fill up all the slots and sell 12 at a time, it is, well, still only 12 at a time. And for mass amounts — 1000s of items — that is a massive time sink. And you still have to drag each and every piece to the sell slot one. piece. at. a. time. I don’t even have much of a life, and this is still more than I can handle any length of time. At this rate, I don’t ever see getting my accounts under control with this stuff.

        • Beckinz8 says:

          Yes, @piggitime, I agree completely. No one I know has that kind of time, and kudos to you for your stellar farming skills! I have three farming rooms and I feed most of it to my pets, but I always have some in reserve. I can’t imagine harvesting 1000s. @_@ Next time I harvest a room, I will time myself and do the math to see how long it would take to harvest 1000 fruits/veggies. We all need a multiplier box. Select harvest, input the number of items to harvest, click, and ‘voila’ the room is finished. Go to the Wshop, select sell items, select the item you wish to sell, pumpkins for example, and input the number to sell, 50 for example, and ‘voila’, pumpkins sold, KC deposited and you are on your way for more WW adventures. I have no idea what kind of programming nightmare that would be, but it works in my mind! :D

  9. Ellen1970 says:

    What I dont like is being told what I just picked. I know what i it is in my dock! I have large gardens and having to click each and every plant to pick takes forever!

  10. rynniepoo says:

    Hey! So this is random but does anyone have a pair of Red Kitten Heel Boots they could send me? It would be much appreciated! My username is the same as on here. I’ve wanted those boots for a long time but have never been able to get them. Thx!

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