Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Hi everyone, Steve Webkinz here. In today’s special report, I’m once again going to take a look at growing gardens in your yard, but this time I’m going to focus on the seeds found at the Ganz eStore. If you missed my earlier special report on growing gardens with WShop seeds, you can find it right here.



Just like the seeds that can be purchased for KinzCash, you can find eStore seed packets in the WShop under the Fun Stuff category.





You can find a variety of different food items that can be grown, including all the different berries from Jumbleberry Fields, which can be used to fill up your jam jars, or can be fed to your pet to win a prize.


Here’s a look at all of the different eStore seed packets, their harvest times, and the resell value of the harvested food:











DID YOU KNOW? We’ve recently updated gardening so that when you click on a plant, the harvested food automatically drops into your Dock without any message appearing, so harvesting a whole room of plants is a lot faster! This same feature will soon be added to another class of harvestable item—stay tuned!


You don’t have to be Deluxe in order to buy eStore Points, but Deluxe Members get FREE eStore Points added to their account EVERY MONTH! You can learn more about Deluxe Membership here.


What do YOU think of our growing garden functionality update? And what would you like me to report on next? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. machaela says:

    Love the new update on gardening – it saves a lot of time when you have many gardens!

  2. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Thanks for the great report, Steve Webkinz! ^-^ I dunno if this is possible, but… in the future, do you think you guys could have a special ‘throwback’ report on My Page, as well as whether or not that feature will ever come back? My Page used to be one of my favorite parts of WW, and I’m kinda distraught that nothing has been said about it since it was ‘discontinued’ ‘^^ The only thing we’ve gotten back in return was the ‘My badges’ widget, but without being able to display/ show our badges to our friends (like we used to be able to do on My Page), I really have no incentive to even collect those badges anymore :P Also, I thought that, once they removed My Page, the WW team was talking about replacing it with something called “My Achievements”? Was the “My Badges” thing supposed to be the replacement (albeit with a different name than what we were originally told), or is that something that was originally planned, but hasn’t come to fruition? If you could report on this someday, Steve Webkinz, I would truly appreciate it!

  3. choover143 says:

    I have all of them except the Date Palm Tree and Jack O Lantern – where could I get my hands on those?

  4. frogmom says:

    IDEA: What if they sold a “hydroponics garden” that you could place in your room so you could plant seeds in it? I have a few ‘exotics’ that I would rather have in specialty rooms rather than the outside rooms. Happy Gardening!

  5. BH1464 says:

    I was really disappointed to discover that I can not complete my collection of seeds for my garden as 2 of the 3 I am missing are not available for purchase. I’m missing the Blue Corn, the Chocolate Kinzcash Coin & the Spaghetti Vine seeds. The Blue Corn seeds are available in the e-store, but the Chocolate Kinzcash Coin & the Spaghetti Vine seeds are not available for purchase. Any chance of bringing those 2 back even for a limited time?

    • mirforbjs says:

      The Spaghetti Vine Seeds were one of the prizes in the 2016 Summer Super Mystery Bag, and sometimes those old mystery bags come back on sale (such as on Black Friday). And the Chocolate Kinzcash Coin seeds were an eStore promotional item awhile back, but I haven’t seen them offered in a long time. Good luck!

  6. Mamasbrew says:

    So many seeds that it’s hard to decide which ones to pick first. Hope to get all of them someday.

  7. chrystal13 says:

    Thanks for making gardening so much easier, Ganz! Could you make the same one-click change for dispensers? That would be great :)

  8. nanamama12 says:

    I’m in a slight panic. I can’t find the Extra Cheesy Macaroni seeds!!!

  9. nanamama12 says:

    So many wonderful seeds to be had! I really want the Macaroni Cheese one but do I get it first or do I get the Plum Pudding seeds for Christmas???

  10. 336 says:

    Steve, Could you please add the polarberry & googoo berry to the random berries you win when eating skyberries?

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