Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Hi everyone, Steve Webkinz here. In case you were unaware, Adobe Flash will no longer be supported by web browsers (like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) at the end of 2020. This was a big problem for Flash-based games like Webkinz, so in May this year, we announced the release of the Webkinz desktop app!


While the Webkinz desktop app still runs on Flash, it works like its own web browser, running the game on your computer and connecting to your account over the internet.


Unlike the Webkinz mobile app, the desktop app offers ALL of the same features and functions currently on the website. However, whether you use your user name and password to log in through the web, the desktop app, or the mobile app–in all instances–you are connecting to the SAME account.



Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Webkinz desktop app:



Q: Where do I get the Webkinz desktop app?


A: You can download the Webkinz desktop app directly from Ganz on the Webkinz.com homepage.



Q: What computer do I need to run the Webkinz desktop app?


A: The Webkinz desktop app can be downloaded and run on a desktop of laptop computer running Windows 7, 8, or 10, and on Apple computers running MacOS.



Q: Is the Webkinz desktop app a new version of Webkinz?


A: No. The Webkinz desktop app is only a new “gateway” to access your current Webkinz account. Instead of using a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, or Safari to log in, you will instead install the app and then use it to connect over the internet to your Webkinz account.



Q: How come the Webkinz desktop app is saying that I need to install Flash when I already have it on my computer?


A: While you may already have Flash for web browsers installed on your computer, the Webkinz desktop app runs on a different version. Follow the link provided when installing the app to download the correct version of Flash. If you haven’t installed it yet, or if the app keeps prompting you to download it, visit the Adobe Flash Player download site, select your operating system and then select the version for “Opera and Chromium”.



Q: Can the Webkinz desktop app be used on a mobile device like a tablet or phone?


A: No, you will still need the Webkinz mobile app (available for either Android or Apple devices) to access your Webkinz account on mobile devices.



Q: Will the desktop app also be made available for computers running other operating systems, like Chromebook?


A: Unfortunately, our developers have found that the Android operating system on Chromebooks works in a similar way to their mobile platform in preventing Flash-based apps from running. However, we are still pursuing a new technical solution which will potentially make all features in Webkinz available on all platforms.



Q: Will you still be adding new features from Webkinz to the mobile app?


A: Our current focus for the Webkinz mobile app is adding more games to the Arcade and more features to the pet room. That said, the new technical solution mentioned in the previous question could also potentially improve the mobile app.



Q: Will I be able to run multiple accounts at the same time on the same computer using the desktop app?


A: No. The desktop runs a single account in full-screen mode. Also, if you have multiple accounts, you will need to fully quit and close the app before re-opening and logging in again with a different user name in order to receive any log in gifts or prizes for those secondary accounts.



Q: Does the layout for the Webkinz desktop app look the same as the current version of Webkinz.com?


A: The gameplay area screen layout looks exactly the same. The only difference is that it now takes up the full screen, as we have removed the outer frame where we currently display web ads.





Q: Are you going to make a version of the Webkinz desktop app that isn’t full screen so I can access other stuff on my computer while its running?


A: No, the app only works in full screen mode. However, you can still minimize the app, or access your toolbar by using several keyboard shortcuts. Just Google “minimize full screen game” to find instructions for your computer.



Q: Will I still be able to use Webkinz.com, WebkinzNewz.com and GanzeStore.com?


A: Webkinz Newz does not use Flash. The Ganz eStore has some animated item images using Flash files, but those are being updated before the end of 2020. For Webkinz.com, only the game itself runs on Flash. The homepage and its linked pages do not run on Flash, so those parts of Webkinz.com will essentially remain the same.



Q: Does the Webkinz desktop app include Mazin’ Hamsters?


A: No. The desktop app only runs Flash. It cannot run Unity 3D, the programming that was used to create Mazin’ Hamsters.



This has been Steve Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz! Do you have any other questions about the Webkinz desktop app? And what would you like me to report on next? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. whitekitten24 says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about downloading it. Flash has claimed many many MANY times that it would be ending in a year, and then it just doesn’t. It’s too hard to give up cause everything uses it. Anyways fullscreen, unminimizable tabs are a phobia of mine and instill fear : >

  2. Groundhoggirl says:

    Hey is there a version available for Mac yet? I tried the one for windows, but it wouldn’t support the file that was downloaded. My computer had mac OS X

  3. sharon541 says:

    Steve, are you saying the app is out there for MacOS systems. How did I miss that news. Please confirm.

  4. babymoose88 says:

    Wait, does this mean you will run it on html5? If not, you said THE GAME runs on flash, so update it to a different software. This issue is ruining my Chrismastime. Bah Humbugkinz.

  5. LadyBeauty says:

    I have a question. Every time I log on to a computer in order to down load Webkinz, I have go through the steps of clicking on the icons to manage and then to allow flash before it will allow me to click on the Webkinz app for down load. This is because I use public use computers at my local library. I have to go through these preliminary steps before I can click on the desk top app each time I initially down load Webkinz, because the app is blocked from my access until then. Will I ever be able to just click on the app and it will automatically down load or will I be permanently blocked from playing Webkinz because it won’t download flash first. I would appreciate some input on this. I wish I could just immediately download the app! ♪♫LadyBeauty♪♫

    • Steve Webkinz says:

      We will be moving the “Enable Flash” detection on the website’s homepage to the login page in the coming months so it will be easier for players to download the desktop app.

  6. OfficialSassy says:

    Honestly kinda upset about not getting a windowed mode. With having a large display, it sits in the middle and I always like to watch videos while I play, but being unable to move it is a pain. Oh well, I guess this is what virtual machines are for, it’ll be safer not having Flash on my main system anyways. Better get that set up so I can play Webkinz come January.

  7. kelly989 says:

    Thanks for the update, Steve! One thing I’m curious about is when you say “While the Webkinz desktop app still runs on Flash…” does this mean the desktop app will need to be moved to a different software/platform before Flash is gone?

  8. KittyXCat says:

    I can’t download the desktop version because my computer is like, 10 years old. [ I am not exaggerating] :(

    • okira says:

      Mine too, although it’s only 9. I really like my computer though.

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Our computers seem to give up the ghost every 7 years, almost exactly. Our current one is 5 years old so I hope that it breaks the cycle, but we better get moving with backup, just in case.

    • IamMel says:

      Me too! Steve, could you please make the Mac version more backwards compatible? Your windows version goes back to Windows 7! I’m worried that the Mac versions will always be for new computers only, and I too have always had my Macs for about 10 years before upgrading.

  9. mckiorr182 says:

    What about the future of the Webkinz Stuffed animals? The year is almost over!

  10. ridzilla says:

    thank you for this special report! using this info i’m finally able to log in with the desktop version- was getting really worried about what to do in 2020, now i’m all set! phew!

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