Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!


Steve Webkinz here, reporting on some fantastic improvements to the bath and sink activities!





For those who don’t already know, baths and sinks in your pet’s room are a fun way to keep your pet looking and feeling great! Once you add one to a room, just click on it to help your pet get started!






If you’ve already been enjoying the Webkinz mobile app, you are probably familiar with some of the previous updates to the bath activity. But now we’ve made some further improvements and brought everything into the web version of Webkinz!





Unlike the previous mobile version, this new update will show the actual bath tub your pet is sitting in. It will also improve the way you use the shampoo, soap and sponge when cleaning your pet. Playing with the bubbles will also once again be lots of fun!





The sink activity hasn’t been active on the Webkinz mobile app before, and now this new and improved version will be available on both web and mobile!


Like the bath activity, sinks will feature an updated new look with improvements for using the hair brush, toothbrush and face cloth! And don’t forget have a little fun bursting all of those bubbles!





Don’t forget—you’ll earn Family Score every day for each pet that you groom or bathe, while also helping to boost their Happiness and Energy!


The new bath and sink activities are available now on Webkinz.com and will be coming to mobile after our next app update.


This has been Steve Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz! What would you like me to report on next? Let me know in the comments below.


94 Responses to Special Report – With Steve Webkinz!

  1. Gramkins says:

    STEVE, Someone needs to give the new duck something to fix his voice. Maybe something for a cold ? He sounds terrible !

  2. kittenhideout says:

    Pets here are going to get quite stinky, sorry everyone if you get offended by the smell, but the game freezes every time we try to use the tub so master controller has said all tubs are off limits for now. But, at least we can still wash our faces & brush our teeth – phew! The last thing we want is cavities with all these yummy Christmas treats tempting us.

  3. nettne2 says:

    steve im not sure where to ask this question, there is a user minnieandmickey1996 who keeps sending friend requests on one of my childs accounts over and over as soon as I delete the request or block the request it continues to come back. no exaggeration 20 times in 15 minutes. this is not only harassing my child but even scarier that the block button does not work and the user will not stop. can you fix this please. thank you for your time looking into this breach of the users agreement

  4. animalsmatter1 says:

    Gotta weigh in on this interesting discussion: I love pet requests! I don’t get too many though: typically, I wake them up, exercise them, groom them, feed them, and then they are fine for games or jobs, or school, or decorating projects, without interruption. When I do get a pet request—that FACE (so cute!), popping up in the middle of something—– (a pet telling me it’s bored is actually very funny)—–I just go with the flow. Whatever the pet wants. I’m happy to take the pet to the arcade or buy it whatever it wants from the W-Shop (I always laugh when a pet tells me to buy it a stove or a sink! LOL). All in all–love the new sink/tub updates. But yes: agree, from a decorating/style perspective those curtains are bit…………eh. As for the food values being changed—ugh. But I already voiced my opinion on this.

  5. pasval7 says:

    Don’t like it at all! Being told to rinse constantly, shampoo doesn’t lather, hairbrush brushes only Face not rest of body anymore & brushes way too fast, bubbles don’t bubble up nice everywhere as it use to, the whole design doesn’t look nice! Whats that weird sound the pets make?! sounds like a scream! No more seeing our nice different bathtubs & the shower curtain is not appealing at all.

  6. LKAGI2 says:

    I do not like it at all: b4 changes you could see type of Bathtub you are using and they were all different. now they’re all same. How come, Steve, with each improvement of one thing, another stop working?Vacation Cove is not working for months, when you get double tokens on a wheel some how you got only one; when you pick figure in the forest you have already did not get any KK anymore and many things like that.

  7. swalter says:

    oops never mind!

  8. swalter says:

    My bathtubs work on Webkinz mobile, but not the sinks. Can that be fixed?

  9. locococoapuff says:

    I actually really dislike the changes made to the sinks and tubs.

  10. tinygma says:

    STEVE WEBKINZ – Bath tubs OK I did about 100 pets. Sinks worked ok cute. TUBS – EVERY 4-5 tub stuck . ONLY way to fix was t clear history and re-enter . Then re do the tub again . SO DO TUB LAST FEED BEFORE BATH !! QUESTION – CAN you fix it so the point counter is not DARKENED when we use these ?? This will make it so I can see the points add up it;s very VERY hard for me to see ? THANKS I hope this helps get these fixed. OH ANOTHER QUESTION- W hen having to LEAVE and RE-ENTER so offen can you see about FARM FRESH FOODS in a special tab ? PUMPKINS seam to work the best . It helps if a pet lives in a garden area to harvest easier . GL E1

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