Spring Clothing Line Retires Midnight, Sept. 22


Have you picked up your favorites from the 2020 Spring Clothing Line? They’re on clearance in the KinzStyle Outlet right now, but they’ll be leaving soon!


Don’t forget, there are two clothing recipes to discover — combine three different pieces from the 2020 Spring Clothing line to create one of these two new outfits!


Do you know what’s coming after maintenance on September 23? The Fall 2020 Clothing Line! Click the next page for a sneak peek.



74 Responses to Spring Clothing Line Retires Midnight, Sept. 22

  1. fluffyperkins12 says:

    Could someone PLEASEEEEE send me the shoes or whatever it is to make the spiked maxi dress I would be so grateful

  2. ArcanineEspeon says:

    If anyone still sees this and my links don’t work, try searching “Webkinz Picture Guide Solved Clothing Recipes.” It has seasonal recipes on it.

  3. grampam313 says:

    The new clothes are very cute. Especially love the masks as they can be used with other older costumes as well.

  4. drebus says:

    I love the new fall clothing and the cat burglar costume. I bought a bunch of the masks just to use with other pets to add to some of the other costumes I’ve dressed them in throughout the years.

  5. Dolan says:

    If anyone could please send me the items for the overalls, I’d be very grateful! I’m punk4life in WW. Thanks!

  6. Sgirl16 says:

    I saw this said this change comes after maintenance, and I am wondering what maintenance means? And when does it happen???

    • ArcanineEspeon says:

      Webkinz does maintenance about once a month. It’s something a lot of video games with ongoing updates do. It’s when the programmers take the game offline for a while (which, depending on the game, may mean you can’t play it) so they can work on it more easily and make sure everything works before users play it again. What they do when they work on it is mostly stuff like add in some new code so there will be new content in the game, or change some code so some bugs will be fixed.

  7. MinnieClover says:

    If someone has extra, could you please send me the Stripped Maxi Dress? Username is: 435carriage Thank you!

  8. vinluna says:

    I know this every last minute but can someone please help me out with the clothing recipe for the spring overalls and the striped maxi dress! Please and Thank you!! – vinluna

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Hi @vinluna! We are already friends in WW. I just sent a care package for the Striped Maxi Dress, and I will try to remember to send one for the Spring Overalls tomorrow, or the next day. I bought a few extra pieces just in case anyone still needed them. (Wednesday will be extra busy because it’s back-to-school night – or rather back to the couch because they are going to be doing it over Zoom. LOL!)

    • himtnlady says:

      I sent you the items for the maxi dress. will send items for overalls tomorrow.

    • ArcanineEspeon says:

      I may be too late to be useful, but take this!

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