Springtime is here!


The Springtime Mystery Capsule is now available in Webkinz Next.

Celebrate spring with a Springtime Mystery Capsule.



Each Mystery Capsule contains one random item from the Springtime Mystery Capsule Collection.



There are 10 items to collect in total: Springtime Wallpaper, Springtime Table, Springtime Toybox, Springtime Dresser, Springtime Chair, Springtime Bench, Springtime Bed, Springtime Curtains, Rubber Boot Garden, Springtime Flower Rug.



Can you collect the entire theme? It’s only available for the ten weeks. Don’t miss it!




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3 Responses to Springtime is here!

  1. ojibwa says:

    Those boots are so cute — they’d look great in a garden!

  2. xamyspur says:

    I got the table in my prize capsule from Seasons points. yay! At least it is the item with the least amount of pink. Too much pink in the items in this game!

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