Start Collecting Acorns!


Complete your Acorn Collection by September 30, to win the grand prize: A Kinzville Antiques Shop that you can add to the border of your room!



Here’s how it works: Open the THINGS TO DO menu and click on the link to the Kinzville Map. Then, click on the Acorn icon to open your collection.



Every day, you’ll get one free Acorn, by clicking on the collection icon (Deluxe Members will get two free Acorns a day).



You can get up to five more Acorns throughout the day by asking your friends (by clicking the ASK FRIENDS button), or by finding and clicking on the floating Acorn on Webkinz Newz (make sure you collect your free one first before trying to find one on Webkinz Newz).


Here’s a closer look at this year’s prizes:



You can complete Webkinz Classic collection events more than once, so play every day to collect as many Acorns as you can!


Don’t forget to visit the Baby Monkey at the Antique Shop at the Webkinz Classic Clubhouse. The first time you click on the Baby Monkey, you’ll be awarded a Fall Fest prize from the past, every day throughout September!



How many Acorns have you collected so far? Let us know in the comment section below…


19 Responses to Start Collecting Acorns!

  1. paduga1 says:

    I finished one round of collecting Acorns and won the grand prize of the Antiques Store and it shows up no where in my dock. Can you advise me, is there somewhere else to look?

  2. ImaPepper says:

    Still getting the glitch where I can’t get the free ones if someone sends one before I log in for the day; AND if the collection count ends on 9, 19,29, etc…it only awards ONE of the Deluxe acorns the next day. I’m already behind by three….I can’t be the only one, can I?

  3. mochidochi says:

    My favorite collection prizes so far!

  4. Randy2012 says:

    leaves are floating but no prizes is there a glitch

  5. Alphaowlbear says:

    Is the Floating Acorn missing here on WKN? It’s not even listed in the contest/event tab.

  6. Jessmine2 says:

    Looks like those floating leaves couldn’t wait until the 20th!

  7. Amygirl113 says:

    LOVE the collection events – have fun everyone. Hi Ultrasonic3 – Hope you’re doing alot better. Love and hugs, Big Sis Pat

  8. gospottgo says:

    Oooh! An antiques shop! We can put a cafe right next to it. Tourist bliss!

  9. Fedorovgirl says:

    Beautiful prizes, all of them :) Thanks, Webkinz!

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