Start Collecting Acorns From Your Friends!



It’s time to start your collection! From September 1 – 30, collect Acorns from your friends on to win fall themed prizes for your pets. To access your collection, open the THINGS TO DO menu and click on the link to the Kinzville Map. Then, click on the Acorn icon to open your collection.



Every day you’ll get one FREE Acorn just by clicking on the icon (Deluxe Members get 2 FREE Acorns a day), but you can ask your friends for 5 more daily. You can also look for the floating Acorn on and click on it to have it added to your collection.


Collect all 50 Acorns to win the grand prize, a Fall Fun Tree Swing, but you’ll still earn prizes along the way, including an interactive bag of leaves and leaf pile that your pets can play in:



Don’t leave your Collection to the last minute. Each time you collect 50 Acorns you’ll get the chance to play through it again!


How many Acorns have you collected so far? Let us know by leaving a comment below…


68 Responses to Start Collecting Acorns From Your Friends!

  1. albina521 says:

    I am doing great at collecting my acorns. My only concern is that I did not get my deluxe gifts from both my accounts I have two deluxe memberships and no September gift box my friend got hers

  2. 1Emerald1 says:

    Oh wow I just got the tree & put it in a room to see how it looks. Every time you rotate it, it turns a different fall color! This is even cooler than I expected! A huge shout out to the Webkinz artists & designers!

  3. cinnamonsticks says:

    I’M HAVING THE SAME PROBLEMS AS OBIE97E . It Can’t ask friends then say can’t connect me to webkinz world I hit ok wait a long time then the whole dock disappears onl animals walking around, I’ m getting really upset. I want to collect acorns too.

  4. babyssss says:

    Thanks 1Emeral1 for giving me help that I needed about my grandchildern putting 160 pets in hats and glasses!!!! The only thing that I don’t know is what is the dress your pet? I told my kiids that you thought it was cute and you were laughing about!!!! I was not on my laptop for a couple of days. Sorry I didn’t get back to thank you!!!!!! We have a great Webkinz family who offer to help people like me!!!!!!

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      It’s my pleasure to be able to help out, babyssss. The dress your pet icon is the little shirt near the bottom right corner of the screen, by the paw print that lets you see all of your pets. When you click the shirt, the window opens to let you change clothes. I hope this helps!

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