Start Collecting Flowers!


May has arrived, so that means it’s time for another collection event!


Here’s how to play: From May 1 – 31, look for the Flower Collection icon on your Kinzville Map (on web and the desktop app) and click on it to see your collection:



Everyday, you’ll get 1 free Flower, just for clicking on the Collection icon (Deluxe Members will get 2 free Flowers a day).



Once you have received your free Flower, you can get 5 more throughout the day by asking your friends (by clicking the ASK FRIENDS button) or by finding and clicking on the floating Flower on (make sure you collect your free one first before trying to find one on Webkinz Newz).


Need more friends to help you complete your collection? Click the ASK FRIENDS button, then click the NEED MORE FRIENDS? button to see other players looking for friends and add them to your Friends List.


Here’s a closer look at each prize and how many Flowers you’ll need to collect to win each one:



How many Flowers have you collected so far? Let us know in the comment section below…


55 Responses to Start Collecting Flowers!

  1. koolkovo says:

    I can’t wait to get the prizes! add me if you’d like to send each other flowers! I’m koolkovo

  2. clbur says:

    I am not getting a message that I am getting my 2 free flowers when I go to my flower collection. I use chrome. Today my deluxe ran out, but I did not get one flower, and when I renewed my deluxe, I did not get my 2 either. I had not been in newz the night before, so that is not why I am not getting my flowers. I do get them from my friends, just not my 2 free flowers.

  3. panda31949 says:

    please fix ask friends

  4. ppeacock says:

    I’m not receiving the flowers that are sent to me. I’ve had friends send them to me but I don’t actually get them. And when I click on the floating one on Webkinz Newz it says it was added to my account but when I log in the notification isn’t there and nothings been added to my flower count. – is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Please keep in mind that you can only receive 5 from friends + Webkinz Newz in total per day. If you have already received 5, your total will not increase, even if more are sent.

  5. twdfan says:

    i love the citrus vase you chage form lemons or limes and orange and orange slices it is so cool

  6. sweetiepiesix says:

    Has anyone else had problems with the ask your friends feature? Mine is not opening up my list of friends. Please help.

  7. kmade15 says:

    I love seeing this super cute flowers floating around! Makes me smile:)

  8. pupster202 says:

    For the past 3 days I haven’t received a flower when i click on the collection on the kinzville map and after I click it, i dont get the floating clicky on webkinz newz even though i stay on the webkinz newz website for like 30 min. ugh so frustrating!

    • tbouuu says:

      usually things don’t start “floating” on my page until I activate the “peek-a-newz” challenge then once I start looking for that animal things will start floating around my webkinz new page..hope it helps

  9. melrocks457 says:

    I’m not getting my daily flowers from clicking the collection icon :(

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Hi melrocks457 – don’t collect the floating flower here on Webkinz Newz before anything else – it messes up the collection icon on the map page. You should always first collect your free flower (2 if deluxe) from the map page icon. Second, ask your friends for more. Lastly, catch the free floating one on WKN. Hope that helps – best wishes!

  10. tsluvr says:

    Is there a way for us to see how many flowers we have collected so far?

    • tbouuu says:

      the “handle” of the basket is a meter of how many you’ve collected. it turns pink the more you get, if you put your mouse over it it’ll say the exact number

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