Start Collecting Wacky Gummies!


Look for packs of Wacky Gummies floating across your screen on Webkinz Classic, and click on them to collect gummies!



Your gummies will be added to your Dock, and every time you feed your pet a pack of Wacky Gummies, you’ll have the chance to win Wacky Cupcake Tree Seeds!



Drag the seeds into your pet’s room to plant a Wacky Cupcake Tree. When it’s ready, click on the tree to harvest a Wacky Cupcake that you can feed to your pet!


This event runs until midnight, Sunday, March 19, on Webkinz Classic.


Did you win Wacky Cupcake Tree Seeds Today? Let us know in the comment section below…


37 Responses to Start Collecting Wacky Gummies!

  1. DJ747 says:

    I collected all 36 gummies and got 0 (ZERO) seeds. Wow, just wow!

  2. mtigger401 says:

    I fed 36 gummies to my pet and got 2 trees only after 30 gummies. I feel bad for those who received fewer gummies!

  3. tryuiopasdf says:

    Ill take any seeds if you do not want them! You can send them to me. My user is tryuiopasdf

  4. lucylane556 says:

    YAY! I got the tree! (after about 8 tries, lol)

  5. JustWhateverNamePlease says:

    2 days over. 24 gummy packages collected. 24 gummies fed to pets. 1 cupcake tree. Do you guys need to check and see if there’s a miswritten line of code or something?

  6. KSC says:

    Hoping for seeds!!

  7. megamom12 says:

    Please be seeds, please be seeds!

  8. megan919 says:

    I’m not doing it because those seeds are probably not sell-able and I’ll be stuck with them forever. Unfortunately, many objects can’t be gotten rid of and customer service has stopped removing things from docks–items that will sit forever and ever and ever.

    • Msamommy says:

      I feel your pain ’cause my dock gets so big. I decided to create a room and dump all the stuff into it that I really don’t need/want at the time…or have too many of that I can’t send or trade. I agree, everything on here should at least be sellable. If they don’t want us to send or trade, at least let us sell it for kinzcash. Just an idea.

    • MarleyTheConure says:

      You can sell the cupcake tree for 25KC.

    • MarleyTheConure says:

      Also, the cupcakes from the tree can be fed to your pet and some of them turn into Wacky fridges!

      • alucard says:

        @MarleyTheConure – I did not know that you could get a Wacky Fridge if you fed your pet a Wacky Cupcake! I’ve been feeding them to my pets since we were first able to get the seeds! I do wish that the prizes would happen more often! Sometimes Webkinz is really unfair to their players. I often read how some players seem to get special prizes all the time. I like the Wacky Trees and the cute little cupcakes, so that’s a plus! Just wish they would put the Wacky Fridge in the WShop for KinzCash so you could get it if you wanted it. Thank you MarleyTheConure for this info! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

        • MarleyTheConure says:

          @alucard What is your username in the game? I will send you a friend request and send some fridges to you. I have a lot. lol

        • granma4 says:

          I didn’t know we could get a fridge until now. I’ve been selling my cupcakes this whole time. I have lots of gardens because selling that stuff is one good way to make lots of kinzcash. I just fed my pet 8 cupcakes and got 2 fridge. Happy day for me because I have lots of cupcakes that have been storing up :)

      • nanamama12 says:

        Wait, what? My pets are going to be so excited for the cupcakes that they will be getting this weekend!

    • ojibwa says:

      I made a storage room where I put all that junk

      • alucard says:

        @ojibwa – I do the same thing! I think we are all getting tired of the can’t “trade/sell/send” issue! And, I’m getting too many “junk rooms” on my map! It’s hard to remember what is in each room even when you title your room. I think Webkinz could help us here by letting us “trade/sell/send” everything we buy in WW! Why force us to keep things we no longer want?

    • theatremajor03 says:

      they are sendable i just send them to my main from my alt

    • Swindle1997 says:

      They are sendable and you can friend my account Rickc137, I am an advid collector and have 16 Collection Rooms dedicated to stuff I’ve gathered. I’d be more then happy to take your seeds or anyone elses that is reading this comment stream. Thanks!

    • tryuiopasdf says:

      Can you do anything with the cupcakes, like a recipe or are you only able to feed them as a snack?

  9. 7debbie7 says:

    Just LOVE These Wacky Weekends! Thanks Ganz.

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