The Super School Community Challenge Starts Today!

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  1. dguelzow says:

    how do you know how far along we are each day?

  2. monkeymom05 says:

    how do I enter the challenge? I bought apples just in case, but im not sure if they counted or not?

    • Twistersmom says:

      monkeymom05 all you have to do is what they have assigned for that day like yesterday you buy an apple or two and if everyone buys an apple and they all add up to 1,000 then they will announce that we won and give a code for the Bowl of apples here in Webkinz Newz, that you enter in the code shop in ww. Today take your pet to a sink in ww and click on it to bring up the mirror with the hair brush washcloth and tooth brush click on it and brush your pets teeth it is that easy. Good luck and hope this helps.

  3. birdfolks says:

    I HATE the strentgh glass, I can’t get not one strengh glass to everything, i just can’t get not even one,, I have all the levels on that account and not once on that account can I even do one. I’ll finish it

    • gernot says:

      Oh yes, that class is the hardest. It is hard clicking at just the right time to get it to stop in the right place. I keep dropping it. I’ve completed it once for one of my pets. I found that I had better luck using one of my older, slower laptops. But that was a long time ago and now when I try it for my other pets, I just can’t get it anymore. I would like to know what WW is going to do with this site after the Flash plug in is gone. I am already getting notices that it will no longer be supported after December of next year. I hope they are working on it. Whatever they do, if anything, may hopefully help out in the way the strength class works out.

      • Sally Webkinz says:

        When browsers stop supporting Flash, you will have to use the Webkinz Desktop App to play Webkinz World.

        • NinjasHollie says:

          Not happy about that because everything else I do I can’t hear or see notifications( ie. Facebook, email, etc) from my Google browser or even pull up Ganz Estore while in a trading room if someone is referring to something they saw, that I might want.

  4. Scorpio says:

    Yeah another community challenge, love the final prize, good luck every one, we always do great!!

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