Take the Webkinz Day Challenge in Webkinz Next!


April is so busy for Holly! She’s planning not one but TWO garden parties to celebrate Webkinz Day! To plan her party in Webkinz Next, Holly is going to need YOUR help! From April 18 to 29, complete the challenge to help Holly!



First, look for Holly in Kinzville. You can find her standing outside the Cafe.



Clicking on Holly will launch your Webkinz Day Challenge.



Once you have accepted Holly’s challenge, you will see a Challenge icon appear on the left side of your screen.



The first part of your challenge involves collecting tulip bulbs from the basket next to Holly. Tulip bulbs are crafting materials that you will need to complete more tasks in the challenge!



You can collect one tulip bulb from Holly a day. Once you’ve completed the first part of the challenge you can collect your first prize, a Garden Party Chair! Then Holly will have more tasks for you – and more prizes to win! – to help get Kinzville ready for Webkinz Day! So be sure to log in every day until Webkinz Day to complete this fun challenge!








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34 Responses to Take the Webkinz Day Challenge in Webkinz Next!

  1. SamDean says:

    I completed letting Holly know that I’m done with my tasks but I did not get the Garden Party table. I’m also noticing that that particular task (to let her know) is greyed out. Did I do it too soon? Or do we get the table on Webkinz Day? She did say to come back that day to the message center to collect a gift. Confused…

  2. kaye10 says:

    (EXCUSE MY CAPS–FOR EMPHASIS, I AM NOT SHOUTING): THERE IS **INDEED A PROBLEM YET TO BE SOLVED (please see all my other entries.) I have been attempting every possible angle to get it fixed, but do not believe anyone who tells you it is not a problem. the PROBLEM is for those who are on top of playing NEXT who reached this goal before NEXT was ready for us. Let’s give them a chance (that means rest of day for me lol as i have NO patience on weekends :) w love to all, k.

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