The Art Nouveau Theme in Webkinz Next

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The Art Nouveau Theme is one of three rare themes in Webkinz Next.
There are 12 items in the entire collection:
Art Nouveau Bed

Art Nouveau Dresser

Are Nouveau Wardrobe

Art Nouveau Crane Art

Art Nouveau Portrait

Art Nouveau Gramophone

Art Nouveau Couch

Art Nouveau Cabinet

Art Nouveau Divider

Art Nouveau Dining Room Table

Art Nouveau Dining Chair

Art Nouveau Side Table

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26 Responses to The Art Nouveau Theme in Webkinz Next

  1. percaroma says:

    Webkinz classic is a converted program with limitations. Webkinz Next is a newer more flexible system. They are kind enough to keep Classic for those of us who can’t/won’t upgrade to Next. Why upgrade to Next if everything available there is also in Classic? Classic already has things that will never work again because of system limitations. And, still there are those who think requesting/complaining about it over and over again will change this?

    • ghostfan says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Classic has literally dozens more room themes, walls and flooring options than Next, not to mention countless more activities etc, yet every time they release something exclusively for Next, all I see are comments complaining for them to not forget about the people who have been there from the beginning. They need to realize most of the players on Next are originally from Classic. I think it’s wonderful to have two different games, with things exclusively for each game. If there’s not, there’s no incentive for players to try the other version. Next is a very different from Classic, but thats why I love it!

    • farout1 says:

      I understand what your saying here, but as a Classic only player I feel we, those of us that have been here for many many years, feel cheated. I think the reason we feel that way is because of this reason. When Adobe Flash was being discontinued, Webkinz asked use for suggestions/new ideas, and so on, for things that we would like to see in Webkinz World. I don’t believe we players had any idea a “new version” of Webkinz was coming. “We” thought they would be improving and fixing all the things in Webkinz World as we knew it. Honestly, it was somewhat of a shock to find that some of our “suggestions” for Webkinz, ended up being used for Webkinz Classic. Yes, I don’t think a lot of us really understand all the issues dealing with failing computer programs, how could we? But, I think a lot of us older players felt cheated. Also, I don’t think we enjoyed having Webkinz Next pushed upon us. I did give it a try and honestly, I just didn’t like the look or the changes in how you played it. I am glad that there are many older, and newer, Webkinz players that enjoy playing Next. It is nice to have two versions of Webkinz, but please remember that just because something is old, doesn’t mean we want to be forgotten or pushed aside. I know that Ganz/Team Webkinz creators are doing all they can to keep Classic Webkinz going, and I truly truly appreciate their hard work in doing that for us. I’m also glad that players both old and new are loving Next. I just hope that they remember that most of us older players started out playing this game with our children or grandchildren, and have stayed with Webkinz long after most of our children have grown up and no longer play the game. If Webkinz Classic should ever end, I will be sad, but I won’t be playing Next. I will, however, wish nothing but the best for Webkinz Next and those that play it, too. Webkinz World has been a magical and fun safe place to enjoy spending time in, especially during the last few years. For that, I will always be truly grateful for being a part of Webkinz World. So, please allow this old lady here, to sometimes complain or request something for Classic, even though I know it will never happen. I will always have hope that it might. Peace! :-)

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