The Chocolate Egg Event Is On NOW!

The hunt is on!

Between April 11-20, you can find Chocolate Eggs (the ones pictured above!) to feed to your pet and win prizes! Here’s how:


  • Log in to every day between April 11-20 to receive a FREE Milk Chocolate Egg in your Dock.
  • Click 1 more floating Milk Chocolate Egg each day, too.
  • Visit to find White Chocolate Eggs.
  • Spin the Wheel of WOW for another chance to win a White Chocolate Egg.
  • Buy a pack of 3 White Chocolate and 3 Milk Chocolate Eggs from the W Shop.


What can you win? How about any of these gorgeous prizes…




Plus, every time you feed your pet a Chocolate Egg, you get a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE: the Spring Celebration Clock Tower!



Good luck!



105 Responses to The Chocolate Egg Event Is On NOW!

  1. fisher420wk says:

    does anyone want to trade bow tree

  2. Mandieucold says:

    I have 13 of the prizes. I really want the clock tower!

  3. sugarqueen says:

    Lol I got the clock tower and i didn’t even know it was a grand prize!

  4. MGFish says:

    I hope I win the tower ;) :) :D :mrgreen:

  5. Lisamarie580 says:

    HOW DO YOU WIN THE CLOCK? is it at the end of the serch?

  6. SueTay says:

    how do I log in for another account?

  7. CLS954 says:

    I do enjoy the puzzle/riddle to get the white chocolate egg daily. So much like a treasure hunt (which I miss having). I know a lot of thought went into the daily riddles. CLS954 aka cinderlou9 aka Berry

  8. mutman10 says:

    so is it all just a gamble because I have a lot of the same prizes

  9. ofjune says:

    Hi Ganz. So I have a question. I don’t know if this is just a glitch but we ARE supposed to get one free chocolate egg when we log into Webkinz World everyday right? Ive been doing the egg hunt with Alyssa and I have been getting the White Choclate egg for that as well as the Chocolate egg that floats by on Webkinz World. Is this a glitch or did I misunderstand the list of ways to get chocolate eggs? Thank you ~Leia

  10. liloldlady12 says:

    hi i just got the clock tower ,its beautiful,hope everyone gets one,Happy Easter to all.

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