The Deep Relaxation Theme is coming to Webkinz Next!


A sneak peek at our newest premium theme.



The Deep Relaxation Theme is coming soon to Webkinz Next.



This serene and beautiful theme will be available for Diamonds in the W Shop. It features eight premium items including an indoor/outdoor Hot Tub and an indoor/outdoor Lounger.



Let your pet take a load off in a Deep Relaxation Chair or a deeply relaxing nap in a luxury Bed.




The Deep Relaxation theme is coming soon to Webkinz Next.


Which item is your favorite?




Download Webkinz Next now — available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 10. Download Webkinz Next


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11 Responses to The Deep Relaxation Theme is coming to Webkinz Next!

  1. KSC says:

    This is my favorite Classic theme! So glad it’s coming to Next. I also wouldn’t mind if it came irl! XD

  2. P00KA2 says:

    Hi there :) the beach house wallpaper shows up in curio , hope this helps you

  3. Fedorovgirl says:

    I need this room in real life lol

  4. kbcabc says:

    What a fun theme

  5. megamom12 says:

    Hmmmm, I just might get some diamonds for this one…..

  6. crystalfawns53 says:

    Wait, is the Deep Relaxation Fireplace one of the eight items that will be sold as a part of the theme in the Wshop?

  7. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

    Oh, well, this is pretty!

  8. motleycrue says:

    Nice theme. :) Wish you could put all decorations inside or outside on next. Nobody was a fan of the restrictions on classic so I’m not sure why there’re added to next.

  9. minnottes says:

    I really love the curtains in this theme! On a side note, is Fantastic Flower ever coming back to Next? It was a great way to earn kinz cash and the flowers always added a nice accent to our rooms. Also, I really hope in the near future you add more walls and floors to Next. (I noticed there is no wallpaper to this theme, just like there wasn’t with the boho theme.) There are 66 wallpapers and 57 floors (not including deluxe and estore) on Classic while the selection on Next is pretty slim in comparison.

    • crystalfawns53 says:

      I agree. Even though Fantastic Flower awarded less kinzcash over time, I still really enjoyed doing it to get more kinzcash. Also, I noticed that there isn’t a wallpaper for the Friendly Froggy and the Beach House theme on Next. But for the Deep Relaxation theme, I think that the theme would potentially look alright with the crafted Designer wallpaper.

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