The Giraffe and Elephant are the Next Plush to Sell Out!


Breaking Newz! If you haven’t adopted a plush Giraffe or Elephant, we’ve got one BIG reason to order yours as soon as you can. The Giraffe and Elephant are the next Webkinz plush to sell out. Only limited quantities of each plush are available from in the U.S. only. Visit our Amazon store today for details.

Each Webkinz plush comes with two tags, one for Webkinz Classic and one for Webkinz Next so you can adopt your new pet in both games!

And, in Webkinz Next, each pet comes with three sparks. That’s three chances to spark a wildly adorable baby Giraffe or baby Elephant.



Giraffes and Elephants each have special features that can’t be sparked from any other pet such as the Elephant’s peanut Pet Patch and the Giraffe’s spots. Don’t miss your chance to adopt a parent Elephant and Giraffe so that your babies can also have these unique features.





Remember, limited quantities of these two plush are only available for U.S. customers on and once they are gone, they’re gone. So, you HERD it here first! Don’t miss your chance to adopt these pets in BOTH games.

16 Responses to The Giraffe and Elephant are the Next Plush to Sell Out!

  1. Sonari says:

    I’d support this completely as I LOVE kitties, would absolutely buy a kitty plush, but am not a huge fan (sorry, sorry) of the only plushie next cat so far. I love the lion face though. That build, sans mane, and domino coloring would work for me! Also – as always -Bat plushie plz!!!!!! I can totally wait until Halloween ;)

    • Sonari says:

      Um…this was supposed to be in response to the domino cat request, but that macafee click bait spamware pop up seems to have messed things up.

      • _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:

        @Sonari, okay, they didn’t moderate my original comment but I was saying how the original Classic giraffe that’s retired & the Domino Cat were my first Webkinz back in 2009, lol. I wasn’t suggesting that pet for Next & I meant to say “Domino” Cat, but it changed to “Dominion” Cat(like the Skillet album lol).

  2. allisavery says:

    I know that on the e-Store it says that you guys can’t ship to P.O. Boxes but would I be able to order a plush pet and have it shipped to my local post office?

  3. princejackson5 says:

    I love plushies so much!! :D they’re my favorite part!! Thank you so much for continuing to create new ones!! I can’t wait to purchase more and see new designs!! :D

  4. OtterPikaLove says:

    When will the next plush come out? I hope it is soon, it has been over six months.

  5. beerfeet says:

    After collecting over 100 classic plushes I determined not to collect anymore plush. Unfortunately, I really wanted a giraffe for sparking on Next so I had to get the plush. Mr. Darcy has been helping me spark many cute and colorful giraffe family members.

  6. Sonari says:

    I have three elephants already and I’d LOVE to buy a purple one too…oh right. I can’t. PLEASE FIX ZOOM OUT AT HOME. Also kid requests are coming up blank first round. Okay, now that I’m done complaining – I really love both of these plushies. They’re both adorable in person and their avatars are wonderful too. The Giraffe’s item is a dispenser as well- can’t beat that!

    • crystalfawns53 says:

      For the kid requests, I found that if I travel to another location (for instance, from the Curio Shop to the mines), the request is no longer blank and it will show exactly what my kid pets would like me to do for them. I hope this helps.

  7. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:


  8. megamom12 says:

    As I don’t invest in the plush anymore, I will wait and see if there is another virtual event. Like the one with the cow and the one coming up with the pig.

  9. lucylane556 says:

    I already have an elephant, so I’m good!

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