The Kinzville Bake Sale Starts Today!



The Kinzville Bake Sale starts today (July 14th) and runs until July 23rd! Don’t miss out on this event which features Baked Goods you can collect and combine on stoves to make prizes!


Here’s a look at the 5 Baked Goods you’ll be able to collect:




There are several ways you can collect Baked Good in Webkinz World from July 14 – 23:


  • Each day of this event, you’ll be awarded a Baked Good just for logging in
  • Look for floating Baked Goods in Webkinz World and click on them to have them awarded to your Dock (limited to 5 floating Baked Goods a day, per account)
  • Visit the Bake Sale Stand in the Park for a Baked Good Daily
  • Find the daily floating Baked Good at


*NOTE: You must have our ads turned on to be able to use the Bake Sale Stand in the Kinzville Park


The first time you log into Webkinz World during this event, you’ll be awarded a Bake Sale Cookbook:



You can use the cookbook to find out what prizes you can make by combining Baked Goods on a stove. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can make:



Pieces of Prize Pie will also be available at the W-Shop for eStore Points during this event. Every time you feed your pet a piece of prize pie, you’ll win one of the 10 Bake Sale prizes OR a Kinzville Bakery, the Grand Prize! The Kinzville Bakery is a rare prize that’s ONLY available through slices of Prize Pie:



What prizes have you made so far? Let us know by leaving a comment below…


46 Responses to The Kinzville Bake Sale Starts Today!

  1. keuka01 says:

    still no bake sale stand in the kinzville park

  2. animalsmatter1 says:

    Wow–the Cafeteria Wallpaper from the Bake Sale is gorgeous!

  3. keuka01 says:

    I didn’t find the bake sale stand in the park yesterday.

  4. LKAGI2 says:

    It’s so boring! For all day playing got only 2 floating pieces at WW. All items are so old, nothing new, no fun at all!

  5. Webkinzwarriorlover8 says:

    I just want to thank all of my deluxe friends for sending me deluxe stuff!! I have been inactive for a few days, but I thank you with all my heart for the wonderful clothes saint28!! I hope you see this!XD I probably spend too much money on cookbooks, I always lose them XD anyone else? What goes in my dock seems to be lost in the clutter of my packratism XD

    • momno1 says:

      You have to build a bunch of rooms to store all your stuff. I suggest rooms just for trees, chairs, vehicles, rocks, Christmas, lamps, decorations and, of course, clothing. (Wicker baskets are the cheapest way to store clothing, I think.) I also have an entire room just for wallpaper and flooring samples. The thing that takes up the most room is wall decorations. There is never enough wall space to put them on and no way to compact them. We need a new way to store wall decorations — hint, hint!

      • ImaPepper says:

        Lol, have you been to my Webkinz house, momno1? I do the same thing; I label my storage rooms with what I have in them, or I’d never find anything… ;-)

      • bsnd500 says:

        Hi Momno1. How do you store wall paper and flooring? I need to do this!! I too make storage rooms….and my house is full of rooms since there is so much stuff. Thanks :-)

        • Pupwolf says:

          There’s a cabinet that you can purchase in the W-shop called the Sample Styles Cabinet. It holds 9 wallpapers and floors and costs 850kc. :-)

  6. Alphaowlbear says:

    Floating baked goods are appearing at such a slow rate that I don’t plan to participate much in this event. I’ll collect the one at log in, the one at the park, and a third here on WKN. After an hour playing, I saw only one floaty. This was the same problem with the last spree event and the floating berries. This really turns me off playing Webkinz. It surely doesn’t want me to play more. I only have a limited time that I can log on everyday, so I’m not going to wait around for floaties. Please Ganz, fix the timing to the 5 or 6 minute interval it used to be.

    • compton97 says:

      Yep. I can’t get the one in the park at all, because of the ads, so I’m limited to the log in one and what floats, which has been Nawt Very Much. Not seeing the newz one very often, either. Seconding that some people have very limited time for logging in.

  7. tinywebkinz77 says:

    Floatys are very slow :(

  8. bobme248 says:

    Looking forward to another fun bake sale! Just wondering if the order of floaties will be randomized each day. I noticed with berry fest they appeared in the same order each day. And today the order so far has been cookie, muffin, brownie. I’m hoping to get the other two when I sign in later to take care of friend’s marshmallow requests but after being on my 3 accounts for over a half hour each three floaties were all that appeared. It also might be fun for a future bake sale to be able to get a mixture of bake sale items from all bake sales!

  9. cutebear21 says:

    The floating baked goods surely don’t come out every 6minutes like it used to be. I’ve been playing at least for 1 hour, found nothing. Logged out, cleared the cache … still nothing. I was wondering if it’s just me or any other kinz friends experiencing the same thing. Please help to fix this problem! this is a great event & I love the prizes and won’t miss baked goods. Thanks :)

  10. tinygma says:

    STUCK at 3 floatys are so very slow they need to keep it up so many play late night !!

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