The Leprechaun Chase starts today in Webkinz Next

The Leprechaun Chase has begun in Webkinz Next! Look for the Leprechaun in Kinzville and click on him to win a Leprechaun outfit, a Pot of Gold or Diamonds.

The Leprechaun will be moving around Kinzville from March 11-March 17. You can catch him up to 3 times a day.

Will you collect the entire outfit by March 17?


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12 Responses to The Leprechaun Chase starts today in Webkinz Next

  1. bamboo211 says:

    Never got the pot of gold or a diamond. Got 3 hats, 4 jackets, 5 pants and 8 shoes.

  2. FrancisGF says:

    It there a list of the posable prizes we can collect from him anywhere?

  3. BH1464 says:

    I was not able to locate the Leprechaun in next at all on the 11th. Was there a glitch and it did not start on time?

    • BeezKneez says:

      I found him two times yesterday between 10 – 11 am kinztime and once more in the afternoon. I think he is pretty tricky to see. He moves like a sloth or a gorilla and stands straight when he stops. I think he looks a little smaller than the adult size pets. He blends in because so many pets are also wearing the green outfit won as prizes. Good Luck – I hope you find him today!

    • crystalfawns53 says:

      I think that the event could have started a few hours late, but I’m not sure. I played during the late hours on kinztime and I found him 7 times in 3 hours. The most frequently I found him was twice in the span of 15 minutes.

    • 11auntie says:

      I found him 3 times the first day, and my prizes included a diamond! However, I only found him once today, by accidentally bumping into him. A major problem, I think, is that everyone who won a hat yesterday has decided to wear it to the park today. It would be extremely helpful if all the people with hats would leave them at home during the hunt so they don’t camouflage the actual Leprechaun. I responded to one sighting and found 6 or 8 pets, all with the hats, but no leprechaun.

      • BarCee says:

        I so agree with you, 11auntie. The first day I made a few accidental friend requests because I was clicking whenever I saw the shamrock hat. I’m doing better now, but there are still times someone messages where the he is and I just can’t see him. I really wish he were larger or glowing or something to distinguish him from pets.

  4. Flower88910 says:

    is he universal or only appearing account to account?

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