The Summer Clothing Line Is Here!

 PJ’s back this summer with brand NEW clothing! Check out her top picks!

The electric Neon Flip Flops!

The splashy Rainbow Swimsuit!

The elegant Stripy Beach Hat!

The super-cool Rosy Runners!

The adorable Sunshine Sundress!

The right-on-trend Summer Jumpsuit!

The flowery Bloomin’ Shades!

The breezy White Beach Pants!

The totally rad Tropical Board Shorts!

The super cheerful Bright Vest & Shirt!

132 Responses to The Summer Clothing Line Is Here!

  1. trophyv says:

    summer is almost over can u beleive it webkinz buddys

  2. sparkleheart2013 says:

    I wish I was deluxe

  3. FrankBolton says:

    Love the clothes !

  4. cassie7 says:

    I want a towel

  5. popstarJulie says:

    I don’t get it? Why? what? huu?

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