The Tulip Pony!


Available now in Webkinz Next


The Tulip Pony is now available for adoption in Webkinz Next!


To adopt the Tulip Pony, visit the Adoption Center and click on the cash register at the adoption desk. The Tulip Pony is a virtual-only pet, available for 150 Diamonds.



Each Tulip Pony comes with a Tulip Carriage and Fresh Flower Dumplings.




Plus, each Tulip Pony comes with three sparks which means you’ll have three chances to spark Tulip Pony babies.



The Tulip Pony is now available in the Adoption Center. Adopt yours just in time for spring!





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16 Responses to The Tulip Pony!

  1. BarCee says:

    Great pet item, but I don’t think it’s a great-looking horse. It should have a muzzle like the unicorn’s. It’s very cute. I’m just having trouble thinking of it as an equine.

  2. KSC says:

    I like this pet! I’ve seen many of them already around Kinzville plus a lot of cute babies in the Adoption Center gallery.

  3. HorseQueen318 says:

    I adopted mine right away yesterday!! I love her so muchhhh. Can’t wait for a horse plush, a wolf, a rabbit, a ferret, a dragon, a german shepherd & more!!

  4. readersrock2015 says:

    The babies are way cuter :) but is anyone put off by the mane on it’s head? The side view looks choppy like it doesn’t fit seamlessly. Seems weird, wish it flowed like the unicorn.

  5. wk2nd says:

    Love this pony!! The only problem is all the pony specific back patterns are crooked offset waaaay to the left. Example: the two Pegasus wings etc So hopeful the tech people get it fixed soon

  6. kaye10 says:

    hi all–has anyone been able to get into NEXT today? i have been unable to & only get a maintenance message… wondering if it is just me?? thanks, k.

    • Beckinz8 says:

      Definitely not just you. I am eager to get to the Farmers’ Market and offload some veggies to Farmer Will for beaucoup bucks, but I’m rapidly running out of Tuesday! Praying they get it straightened out soon!

  7. fancyduck58 says:

    Such a cute pet! I saw a lot of them yesterday, I will definitely need to add one to my Webkinz family. :)

  8. TheHazelEyedHobbit says:

    Aww, cute ^-^ I absolutely love all the gorgeous and colorful tulip pony babies I’ve seen in the Showcase, so far! I found an all-green pony yesterday and almost freaked out, haha, since that’s my favorite color! I’m hoping to adopt one of these soon, myself. All I need is a good name for her!

    • HorseQueen318 says:

      I bet!! I just adopted Monrose yesterday, lmho. You could name her Sundaisy!! XD or Tuetulip? ;P or Forsythia, lol. Talk to you soon, Hazzy! ;] ~Your Majestical Mare Pony Pal, the horse queen

  9. nanamama12 says:

    Daffodil became a part of our family yesterday!

  10. KarenaJ says:

    I have already seen several babies sparked from this adorable pet in the Showcase at the Adoption Center! This pet is the most adorable Next pet yet in my estimation! Too bad there isn’t a plush counterpart. Speaking of Next babies, it’s sort of irritating that a sleeping baby can make a growth request that is unfillable since the interface is disabled while the pet is asleep! Why?! If a baby is sleeping, it shouldn’t make a request unless it has woken up, right?! Doesn’t make a bit of sense. lol

    • Beckinz8 says:

      #sleepingbabiesaresatisfiedbabies! LOL! Right there with you KarenaJ! From one frustrated Next mom to another, hang in there. Eventually they will probably have a face palm moment and fix it.

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