Update: Look for Wooly Piglet Clubhouse Room Prizes on Webkinz Newz!

Update: Because players are currently unable to find the Piglet in the Clubhouse Room, it seems the snow storm has swept the Wooly Piglet over to Webkinz Newz! See if you can catch a glimpse of it with a special Webkinz Newz Floaty Clicky! 


That’s right – while you’re still welcome to visit the Wooly Piglet Clubhouse Room and play in the snow, you have a chance to collect all the prizes between December 4 and 18 here on Webkinz Newz. 


Look for the floating Wooly Piglet on Webkinz Newz and click on it to receive one gift a day! Check out the prize schedule below. And keep checking in at the Clubhouse… who knows when we will dig that pig out!


PLUS after our next update on December 19, we will be extending the Wooly Piglet Clubhouse event to December 31!



Oh no! The Wooly Piglet was on its way to Webkinz World when a sudden snowstorm blew up, trapping it at the Clubhouse! We need to free the Wooly Piglet – it has to get to Ganz eStore by Christmas Day!


Help us dig out the Wooly Piglet! Every day between December 1 and 24, visit the Wooly Piglet Room in the Clubhouse to keep the piglet company and let it know that help is on the way!



If we all dig together, we can free that little pig and make sure that the Wooly Piglet gets to Ganz eStore by Christmas day when it goes on sale!


321 Responses to Update: Look for Wooly Piglet Clubhouse Room Prizes on Webkinz Newz!

  1. Alphaowlbear says:

    I actually like it better this way because I know what exact prize I can get each day. Plus, I don’t have to deal with the annoying clubhouse problem of pets blocking the way to the prizes. Thank you, Ganz, for coming up with a solution to this event. That sad little floaty pig is adorable.

  2. Duckcall says:

    Has anyone found the floaty clicky here? After looking in the clubhouse I came back here last night, but couldn’t find it. Same thing this morning. I guess I won’t worry about these prizes until after the fix.

  3. queenguinevere says:

    I am still hoping to find a floaty clicky, but no luck so far!

  4. starrie says:

    Good morning, just an fyi, the floating clicky hasn’t come up on all the pages I have been through. Thank you for the updates and prizes. :) Have a great day, Everyone!

  5. cowtown2 says:

    hurray five days later just now seen floaty I sounded like I won the lottery lol that piggy is so cute hope to see it soon. have a great day everyone hope all is safe with the bad weather we will be expecting it soon stay safe webkinz family

  6. wilddfire says:

    Good grief people their trying to fix it., give them a break it’s christmas. I feel bad for Sally and all the others at ganz. Things don’t always work the way we want them to.At least they are trying.Merry Christmas Sally and all the others at Ganz. And thanks for working so hard.

  7. Bubblilious1 says:

    Thanks Sally for the updates. I do not mind getting the prizes here. It’s too cold over there anyway. Maybe once the storm is over it will be fun to play.

  8. TropicalGirl says:

    Thank you for all the cool prizes! This is actually easier than trying to get into the Clubhouse so I appreciate that. :)

  9. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Thank you for solving the problem for now and switching over to a floaty clicky format. =) I appreciate all the work you guys have been doing to fix this problem! I look forward to collecting these great, wintry prizes!

  10. dudeman17 says:

    Is the piglet floating or am I just being impatient? I have been on the News site for quite a while and have finished all the rest of the contest events a while ago, but still no floaty.

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