This Otterly Adorable Next Pet is Out Now!

You otter be excited because there’s a brand new virtual pet in the Webkinz Next Adoption Center!
Meet the Webkinz Next River Otter!
This sweet River Otter can be a slippery character when it goes for a ride on its Pet Specific Item (PSI) the Lakeside River Slide! And when it comes to its Pet Specific Food (PSF), the Riverside Mussels, this pet is otterly shellfish.




Of course, all pets in Webkinz Next come with three Sparks that you can combine with your other pets’ Sparks to spark cute Webkinz babies and these cute babies are like no otter!




Plus, BREAKING NEWS: We love getting feedback from our players! After sneak peeking the new River Otter, we got a lot of feedback on the Pet Patch and based on YOUR comments we have updated the River Rocks Pet Patch to remove the images of the paws. We love listening to our community!



When you’re growing your Webkinz Next family, this is one virtual pet you really otter adopt.






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28 Responses to This Otterly Adorable Next Pet is Out Now!

  1. davids1lilpixie says:

    Lol the River Otter is adorable and I am considering getting one. However, I must say that if I’m going to have to buy $20 to $30 worth of diamonds for 5 sparks, lol the pet I’m buying better be real plush. Thanks but I’ll stick with buying the one with three sparks.

  2. lemony says:

    So cute but thinking of waiting for a sale ;) maybe 20% off in the next year or so lol

  3. Boneleg says:

    I adopted this pet so fast! I just sparked the cutest baby ottercorn too! LOVE!!!!

  4. kukana says:

    Got mine yesterday! Can’t wait to see the baby otter – just need to save more diamonds first.

  5. megamom12 says:


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