This Otterly Adorable Next Pet is Out Now!

You otter be excited because there’s a brand new virtual pet in the Webkinz Next Adoption Center!
Meet the Webkinz Next River Otter!
This sweet River Otter can be a slippery character when it goes for a ride on its Pet Specific Item (PSI) the Lakeside River Slide! And when it comes to its Pet Specific Food (PSF), the Riverside Mussels, this pet is otterly shellfish.




Of course, all pets in Webkinz Next come with three Sparks that you can combine with your other pets’ Sparks to spark cute Webkinz babies and these cute babies are like no otter!




Plus, BREAKING NEWS: We love getting feedback from our players! After sneak peeking the new River Otter, we got a lot of feedback on the Pet Patch and based on YOUR comments we have updated the River Rocks Pet Patch to remove the images of the paws. We love listening to our community!



When you’re growing your Webkinz Next family, this is one virtual pet you really otter adopt.






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28 Responses to This Otterly Adorable Next Pet is Out Now!

  1. asancken says:

    Whats the deal with the rare otter for more diamonds? Is it just that you get more sparks or does it have rare traits?

  2. KelliAnn11 says:

    Thank you! It’s great that you listen to our community!

  3. wk2nd says:

    Yay!! Love love love!! Thank you so much for listening to our comments about the pet patch. I love the one with just the stones now I have to decide do I get the three of the five spark, the rare five spark when does it have anything special? Besides the fact that it has high Sparks is there something you get with it different or is it just by Sparks? If you could let me know I would really appreciate it.

  4. hayleys25 says:

    I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! ALSO if user HAJlion sees this, could you please send back the items I accidentally sent? my username is the same as this! I tried contacting support but they said they cant do anything :( oh, and if anyone knows that user can you ask them to return my stuff pls & thank you!!!

  5. Ashnamia says:

    Hello :) LOVE THE OTTER I HAVE 14 OTTER BABIES. Just a note, the PSI is unable to be traded and I’m betting that is a glitch. Its unable to be put in the trade binder right now just a note :).

  6. P00KA2 says:

    THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!! So much ! For the patch change. I really appreciate it ! Having some connection issues earlier ,but I am definitely getting rare otter tonight :) YAY ! So happy :) oh, minnow patch is adorable:) Thanks again Ganz !

  7. webchimp says:

    what’s the schedule for fantastic flower?

  8. kalcan8 says:

    Thank you so much! First and foremost – OTTER! Secondly, you listened and we deeply appreciate it. I didn’t mind the other pet patch, but there were so many other players who had strong feelings about it. I was excited to see a minnow pet patch on one baby in the Adoption Center. I am definitely getting an otter. Now, the dilemma is do I spend the standard diamonds and get the 3 spark version, or do I spend more diamonds and get the rare 5 spark version, hopefully increasing my odds at sparking an otter baby. Decisions, decisions…

    • alaynaj1212 says:

      If you’re set on an otter baby, I’d consider buying two regular otters instead of one rare otter to guarantee ottery offspring! :)

    • BH1464 says:

      Since I’m once again locked out of Next, could you please let me know how many diamonds and how much KinzCash to purchase the rare 5 spark version? Thanks so much. If I can ever log-in to play next again and don’t decide to abandon it all together, I really want an Otter and the 5 spark (Rare) option sounds very interesting indeed.

  9. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:


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