Three New Challenges in Webkinz Friends!


In addition to the Flower Collection that’s on now in Webkinz Friends (collect 500 Flowers and you’ll win a Blue Flowery Greenhouse!), there are three NEW Challenges for you to enjoy!


Complete the first one to unlock the next:

  • Kinzville Film Festival

Help the Kinzville kids throw a film festival and win awesome stuff, including a Kinzvision HDTV for your pet’s room!


  • Help Wanted

Help Tabby find jobs for your fellow KinzFolk! You could win Tabby’s Desk to send back to Webkinz World, plus other fantastic prizes (and you’ll unlock a really cool Bank building!)


  • The Artist

Help Fluffington St. Bernard indulge his newfound passion for the fine arts to win great items like the St. Bernard Gallery of Fine Arts for your town!



29 Responses to Three New Challenges in Webkinz Friends!

  1. robinstripes says:

    i’m so fast at every single challenge

  2. robinstripes says:

    i NEVER EVER EVER go on webkinz friends even though i have it! i want that so bad

  3. erinsoccerstar says:

    I hope I get this from webkinz friends! So far I only have like 100 or something flowers

  4. chels101_kitty says:

    These challenges have been up for awhile now and I’ve completed them all. I’m kind of disappointed cause I thought there were new ones. :(

  5. darlynd says:

    We just started Webkinz Friends. Seems fun, but we are a little slow learning how to win the challenges.

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