Throwback Thursday: Sports Outfits!


Originally, the KinzStyle Shop could only be accessed by entering a Feature Code that came with a piece of clothing for a plush Webkinz Pet. More recently, we have added the ability for Deluxe Members to have access to the shop anytime.


However, when we did this, we also updated some of the inventory, removing the Feature Code outfits from the Deluxe version of the Shop. If you happen to find a Feature Code for Webkinz plush clothing, you will still be awarded the virtual version as well. But we have also added these items to the Deluxe Prize Pool, which means that Deluxe Members may find them in the gift they receive each month. These clothing items are all also tradeable, so you can try to find them from someone in the Trading Rooms.


Here’s a look at some of the sports outfits that can be found in the Deluxe Prize Pool! Do you remember which ones were also made into clothing for your plush Webkinz Pet? What clothing item do you most want for your pets? Let us know in the comments below!


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54 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Sports Outfits!

  1. scarletshadowscry says:

    anyone have basketball shorts they want to trade?? I need them!

  2. littledancer says:

    I don’t have any real webkinz clothes but I was planning on making some. Does anyone have any advice as to what I should make? -ballet11dancer

  3. PeacePuppy2323 says:

    If only I were deluxe….

  4. inspironone says:

    I KNOW THIS HAS NOTING TO DO WITH THROWBACK THRUSDAY BUT, I Love the let’s build videos. I Just have a question for GANZ. Does Michel still have the PSI that he come with.

  5. kin2832 says:

    I have the golf shoes, golf hat, and golf pants. I also have the cheerleading top and cheerleading skirt. I really want the baseball uniform helmet, baseball uniform jersey, baseball uniform pants, basketball jersey and basketball shorts!!!:)

  6. arianatootlebug says:


  7. legodude says:

    I love the baseball especially but I have the whole collection :)

  8. OCarinaoftime says:

    I have the entire baseball outfit and the golf hat, and I would really like the cheerleader one, but I’m not deluxe, so the chances aren’t that great. :(

  9. morggymoo says:

    i want the baseball uniform !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. atethecheese says:

    I wish they made a Holnwon shirt.

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