Throwback Thursday: Webkinz Day Gift Boxes and Trophies!


Next Tuesday, April 29th will be our 9th Webkinz Day! On that day 9 years ago, launched and became the incredibly fun place to play that we all know and love! Remember to log in on Webkinz Day to get your gift box filled with exciting prizes, including a trophy!


Here’s a look back at all of our previous Webkinz Day boxes and trophies, including a sneak peek at this year’s gift box!




How many do YOU have?


91 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Webkinz Day Gift Boxes and Trophies!

  1. Trixiepinkie3 says:

    I want to trade exclusive & RARe items for trophys please and anyone have anymore trophys? I will trade in clubhouse only though so please reply

  2. epicshine says:

    hey guys reply if you need the 4th one!

  3. maceycat14 says:

    I wish it was for free is it

  4. SpringerSpaniel32 says:

    Can’t wait!!! :D

  5. Br0cktree says:

    I have all the trophies except for the 1st one. I’ve been playing since early 06, so this is great to look back on! I remember some of the gift boxes but not all of them. I think I still have my year 5 cake in a fridge somewhere… -BT

  6. ganzmem says:

    I love the 6 box. It’s glowing! Hey Bugz7H, do you mean you can send me trophies? Could I have trophy number 6?

  7. love4leah says:

    really, i only have one lol.

  8. stpattyhatty says:

    I like the one from 2009

  9. SnowBunny1997 says:

    I only have 3. :/

  10. kathy8190 says:

    0 lol never logged on a this time of year

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