Last Chance To Catch Snowflakes!



Today (January 10th) is your last chance to find floating Snowflakes on but there are still Winterfest Events running until the end of the month. You can catch 5 Snowflakes today but you can also find a bonus floating Snowflake right here on


Even though the Snowflake event ends today, Snowflake Cookies will still be available to purchase with eStore points from the W-Shop (you’ll find them in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop). Every time you feed a Snowflake Cookie to your pet you’ll win one of the following Winterfest prizes:



Don’t forget, Winterfest runs in Webkinz World until the end of the month and you won’t want to miss a thing, including the Winter Shopping SPREE! CLICK HERE to learn more about each event.


How many Snowflakes did you find this year? Were you happy with the prizes you won? Please leave your comments below…


51 Responses to Last Chance To Catch Snowflakes!

  1. Prettypikachu says:

    Sally, help. This is 9boogirl’s brand new account and the submit images button appeared the first time I clicked on the ShareCenter and disappeared for the Design a Webkinz 2017 contest. I have tried and tried since December 31st, even made a new account. Help Help Help please, I need to enter and I have amazing designs that I have spent hours on for this. If I can’t enter, it would be so much time wasted. You need to help me, this is the most important thing ever to me and my Webkinz!!! I want to enter SO BADLY and it has worked for others, and I need help!!! PLEASE!!!

  2. Inkblot says:

    Was there ever a free cookie like there was Fallfest soda? Because if so, I missed it…. Winterfest is my favorite thing in Webkinz World though! I’m sad it’s over but I think I have all the prizes.

  3. orangewing2020 says:

    Thanks hannah5banana, that’s really kind of you! I sent you a FR. I’m 001meg, just so you know.

  4. PusheenCat77 says:

    Wow, I’m so smart. I clicked the snowflake on the cover of this page thinking that it was the floating snowflake you can find on webkinz newz, and I was so confused. Whoops!

  5. LuckyTheBeagle says:

    Whoa it ends today??? Wow the snowflake event went by FAST! I got three snowflakes, although the only prize I got were snowball piles. (I don’t mind though, the snowballs are pretty cool) I would probably have gotten more snowflakes, but I was really busy with school. XP

  6. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I wish that I could do the Winterfest cookies. I REALLY like the prizes & wish that I could get them. :( Pittiesrule

    • LovesStaffordshires says:

      Also, what does the pile of snow do?

    • LuckyTheBeagle says:

      Hey LovesStaffordshires! The pile of snowballs is a decoration, which you can put in your pet’s room. It starts out as one snowballs, but if you rotate it, it will become a few snowballs. Rotate it again, it becomes a small pile of snowballs. Rotate it four times, and then it becomes a larger pile of snowballs. Hope this helps! :)

      • LovesStaffordshires says:

        The pile of snow was supposed to be a snowflake prize & the pile of snowballs was supposed to be a cookie prize. I do have the pile of snowballs, which is several snowballs regardless of rotation, & I have the snowball as well. Pittiesrule

  7. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    I already got all of my snowflake prizes. Thanks Ganz!

  8. Elessar says:

    Well, another Winterfest has come and gone … Thank you, Ganz, it’s been fun and here’s to next year’s Winterfest! :)

  9. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Aw.. I’m sad to see that today’s last day of winterfest… I did really enjoy this year’s prizes, though.. I think they’re among some of the best! :) Sadly, I missed a day or two due to being sick… and there’s been a strange occurrence… on one of my accounts, I’ll be able to find all 5 snowflakes rather quickly. On my other account, I’ll be lucky if I can find 2 or 3 in a half an hour. The same goes for my brother’s account, except it’s way slower. He’s only caught 3 snowflakes during the entire event. I’m not sure if anyone else experienced the same thing, but it is rather odd. I hope they float by faster next winterfest. But in all, I really enjoyed all of the prizes, especially he ice skates, even though I can’t skate in real life :P (I’ve tried, but I’m terrible at it)

  10. BlackBeauty says:

    heh, i caught only ONE! I have to get going…. hey TaffyKitty. i have not been at the KinzChat park in a while! Have you seen the wretched chickens there lately??? BC i do not wanna go if they are there….. ;) How are you everyone….. I missed posting on WKN….. but finally i am back….. *jumping up and down and giving the air hugs*

    • TaffyKitty12 says:

      Hey Cowgirl! Hm… I haven’t been to the park too much lately to be honest.. ever since October, I haven’t really had the chance to go on as much (and I haven’t seen too many of my friends on around the time I go on webkinz). The good news is, though, I haven’t seen the chickens for at least 5 months! :D I haven’t been there much recently, but I think they should be gone :) And thanks for asking! I’m doing good! I hope we can catch up one of these days :) In the meantime, have a nice day!!

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