Trophy Showcase: Collector Trophies!


There are so many different kinds of trophies you can collect in Webkinz World, but some can’t be collected by playing games. Sometimes trophies are given out as contest prizes, or as a reward for certain achievements—some are simply sold as part of a room theme!


Here’s a look at many of these special types of “Collector Trophies” all together in one gallery!



The good news is that since none of these are arcade trophies, there’s a chance you can still collect them if you’re lucky enough to find a collector willing to make a trade in the Clubhouse Trading Room!*


Want to see even MORE collector trophies? Check out our earlier Ultimate Collector’s Items Newz article from back in 2014!


Do YOU know how and when each of these collector trophies was given away? And how many of these trophies have YOU collected? Let us know in the comments below.



*Please note: Item trade talk is not allowed in the comments of Webkinz Newz articles. If you want to discuss a trade outside of the Clubhouse, please visit our trade forums here.


50 Responses to Trophy Showcase: Collector Trophies!

  1. jammershark says:

    I also know how to get Friends of the Earth and Fishing Derby. Those are prizes you can from watching the daily videos from your movie theater on the Webkinz map.

  2. jammershark says:

    The only ones I know to earn are the Webkinz Player, Webkinz Elite, and Webkinz Wisdom. You can earn all of these with Family Score Points.

  3. momno1 says:

    I have 17 of these trophies. Not much hope of ever getting pet design or social media superstar awards! While I was taking inventory, I also found a kinztunes video award and a pennant plunge trophy. Anyone know how I came to have those?

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Hi momno1 – congratulations having so many of these trophies! I was curious about the Kinztunes video award so I did a little research. At some time, maybe around late 2010, it was a Wheel of the Month prize. I don’t know if it was a one time appearance on the wheel or not – anyway, it seems you have a real collector’s item :-) The Pennant Plunge Trophy sounds like one from Mazin’ Hamsters.

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