Trophy Showcase: Mazin’ Hamsters Trophies!


In the summer of 2010 we launched the Mazin’ Hamsters line of plush along with a Unity 3D section within Webkinz World. Players could build and explore mazes, journey through the Hamster Hamlet, participate in daily activities, and win prizes—including trophies that were awarded when you completed the mazes.


Unfortunately in the fall of 2015, once the Unity Web Player used to create Mazin’ Hamsters was no longer supported by web browsers, it had to be shut down.


You can still find hamster as virtual pets in Webkinz World or at the Ganz eStore, and if you’re lucky, you might just find someone willing to trade one of these amazing trophies in the Clubhouse.





Have YOU collected any of these trophies? Let us know in the comments below.


64 Responses to Trophy Showcase: Mazin’ Hamsters Trophies!

  1. Bluedeer says:

    I never played Mazin’ Hamsters I’m pretty sure, but is it linked to ‘Mazing World?

  2. annaflower says:

    Mazin Hamsters brings back so many memories!! I used to go through the mazes for hours. If you ever consider reprogramming Mazin Hamsters to work with a different way of running it or as an app, I’ll definitely support it!!

  3. fancyduck58 says:

    I have most of these, I had finished all of the basic mazes- I probably have some of the holiday trophies, too. I agree- I really miss Mazin Hamsters, I enjoyed the daily challenges as well as the hamlets. I wish Ganz could find a way to bring it back someday.

  4. Kraft says:

    I spent my childhood getting nearly all of these. Really wish the Main Hamsters games could return.. I feel like it’d work perfectly as a mobile game but obviously reprogramming would take a lot of work. I loved the puzzle aspect of it and I’d love to see it return someday

  5. mrgower says:

    I have a lot of these! Those mazes were fun!

  6. CBDH says:

    Oh my, I wish I had that holiday hustle trophy! I love christmas, its so pretty!

  7. dixiecup says:

    If you were posting this to find out if people still miss Mazin Hamsters and Amazing World, I think you can see many of us definitely do. I LOVED building my own tunnels, going through the adventures and quests and accumulating Moolah. I loved climbing way up high and searching through hidden rooms and behind objects and seeing everything at ‘paw level.’ I am with a great many of the members, here. If there is any way to bring it back, could you please do so?

  8. emmadragon says:

    my computer never suported mazin hamsters when it was avalable :(

  9. BonnieSueHeft says:

    I have most of them. Best thing webkinz had & they got rid of it. My friend stopped playing after you took them away. She loved the water world. I loved the challenges.

  10. dmtig says:

    I Miss Mazin Hamsters So Much!!! It was So Much FUN!! Please find a way to bring them back!!!

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