Trouble Logging On?


We have been listening to our members and we are aware that some of you are experiencing difficulty logging into Webkinz World. We want to help get you back onto Webkinz World as quickly as possible!


We are currently aware of an issue that prevents some Mac users from logging on when using the browser Firefox. We are working on fixing this, but in the meantime, if you are using a Mac, we suggest that you try opening Webkinz in a different browser.


If you are not using a Mac and Firefox but are still experiencing difficulty logging on, please let us know in the comments section below which browser and which version of Flash you are using. This information may help us pinpoint the problem.


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and for your patience as we work hard to get you back to playing your favorite games and taking care of your pets!

225 Responses to Trouble Logging On?

  1. Hiccup75 says:

    I’ve had the desktop app downloaded for a while on my mac & whenever I try to open the app, it just says “searching for updates…no updates found” but it won’t open to the login. I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled multiple times but it won’t do anything

  2. applebutter14 says:

    I want to log into webkinz classic on my computer but it says the information i enter is wrong, however it can go into the app on my phone….I haven’t played webkinz in a while but i figured because i have used it on my phone then my account wouldn’t be archived and it still works on my phone too.

  3. Violetmoon says:

    Hi! I’m on the desktop app and can’t log in because it says that the information doesn’t match, when it should since I have my info saved to Google? And when I go to try to change the password, thinking that was it, I was told that the email I used isn’t in the system at all? I’m really confused -.-’

  4. TeaRose says:

    I have the Webkinz computer app, and I am able to login OK. However, once I am logged in, it never loads and goes to my room.

  5. meghanalthea says:

    I’ve had my Webkinz account for probably upwards of ten years now. The last time I recall logging into it was around ten months ago, since then I have gotten a new computer. I now have a mac. I don’t think I’m using firefox when attempting to log into my account, but I’m still having errors. My original password is under 8 words, so every time I log in it tells me I must change it. So I fill out the next form (with the new 8 letter password and a pet name), but I keep getting a notification which says, “Failed to validate you credentials. Please try again later…” I’ve waited and it still isn’t working. Please help

  6. aryasmom95 says:

    Today I made a account and got the delux package and now I can’t log into my Webkinz app it says my info isn’t right even tho I saved it to my phone and never even logged out of the game but the ganz website work just fine

  7. andreeageorgescu says:

    I can`t log into my Webkinz account. I managed to log into the Ganz Website, which means i do remember my username and password correctly. However, when i try to log into the downloaded app version, i type in my username and password and i am asked to change my password. I typed in my old password correctly, i checked all the information but i get the same message every time: “Failed to validate credentials. Please try again later”. How do I fix this and how do I log into my account. I must mention i log in at least once an year to make sure i keep it active, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I am looking forward to a suggestion.

  8. callmewhenimsober says:

    I got a new computer and i can not log in to my webkinz acount.

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