Tulip Pony Community Challenge – Day 5!


You did it! Here is your free community code for Orange Tulip Wall Sticker!




Above you can find your next task. Remember -  you don’t have to do it on your own. You will be working with the whole Webkinz community to play Jazz Monsters. We track ALL plays and count the total toward the goal.


Come back here to Webkinz Newz after 9:30 am tomorrow to see if you reached the goal. If you did, you’ll get a code for your prize!


Good luck!



Missed a previous day’s code? Find it here:

Bright Red Tulips: W24U-RGZZ-GE7Y-75N4

Purple Tulip Wall Sticker: W24Z-H2SN-E37W-QLWJ

Pink Tulip Wall Sticker: W24C-BVNY-MJPX-FNME


*To redeem your prize, log into Webkinz World and enter this code at the Code Shop, which can be accessed through the ‘Things To Do’ menu. Code awards one item per Webkinz account and expires at midnight EST September 30, 2020.

134 Responses to Tulip Pony Community Challenge – Day 5!

  1. Unikitty16 says:

    megamom12 you can also usse the tulip wall stickersin outside rooms

  2. megamom12 says:

    Not going to have time for this one today. I have just enough time before work to collect/send the flowers. Enjoy a game for me please! This is a fun new game that I really enjoy.

  3. addictedtowebkinz says:

    I can’t play Goody Gumdrops on the desktop app. I get a blue screen and have to [control] [alt] [delete] to end the program. Does it count for the challenge on the mobile app?

  4. barbieprincess2002 says:

    I put the code into the code shop and got bright red tulips not the purple tulip wall sticker.

  5. Ravin2215 says:

    I bought 413 cupcakes in rapid fire and broke my webkinz account :D

  6. trulikiss says:

    just bought a ton of them lol, my pets are gonna be eating cupcakes for a while

  7. Nicthewerecatqueen says:

    Would love to help but I can’t even get in. Just boots me to a black or blue screen after logging in. Could you please fix this issue?

  8. Unikitty16 says:

    Guys i bet we can do this all by ourself indivually

  9. catsan2 says:

    Im excited! I played yesterday.

  10. bamboo211 says:

    Thank you for adding Scoogles & Sparky Plushies today!

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