12 Days of Christmas in the Ganz eStore!


Have you been celebrating Christmas with the Ganz eStore?!


From December 3rd, 2013 to December 14th, 2013 the Ganz eStore is releasing one new item every day! Use your eStore points to get these festive items!


Afraid you missed out already?! Don’t worry! These twelve items are available all the way until January 12th 2014! That gives you plenty of time to get them all!


Head over to the Ganz eStore to take a look at what’s already out and stay tuned to see the rest of these adorable items!




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  1. Sarbear_10101 says:


  2. cook says:

    Ilove ginger bread

  3. momo4cookie says:

    when will the ginger bread puppy come?

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