Ultimate Collector’s Items: Pet Items!


In our continuing series about some of the most difficult-to-find items in Webkinz World, this week we look at pet items! Every pet that you adopt comes with a special prize item. However, many Webkinz Pets are now retired, or were hard to find from the beginning, which makes their items even more collectible!


The Cheeky Dog and Cheeky Cat were the first two pets to ever be retired. The Sparkling Pegasus and Mystic Moon Bear were both special promotional pets from the Ganz eStore. The Magical Retriever and Mystical Panda were two rare prize pets found in our Trading Cards. The Sweet Tooth Tiger and Wintermint Reindeer were only ever given out to Ganz employees.


What are some of the most amazing collector’s items that you have ever received in a trading room? Let us know in the comments below!


86 Responses to Ultimate Collector’s Items: Pet Items!

  1. JCISMYBFF says:

    Cheeky dog grill

  2. meeper75 says:

    I saw a Sweet Tooth Tiger in the KC Plus trading room!

  3. glitteringevening says:

    i thought the black, yellow and chocolate lab bed is the hardest to get because it was probably one of the oldest pets or dogs. The chocolate lab pet item would be the hardest cause its rare. Anyways, i have the bed just today! yay :D ( the pet item was a bed ).

  4. glitteringevening says:

    wow i want the sparkling pegasus item and the magical retriever pet item. if i have a sparkle pegasus i would name it princess celestia cause she looks of my little pony lol. anyone with me? just comment.

  5. Priceless says:

    Does Anyone have the Wintermint Reindeer Bed? It’s the only one i need….well I’m getting a Cheeky Cat for my Birthday and I don’t have it’s psi yet so yah lol.

  6. yahoo23 says:

    I want all of them so much that I am searching images of it on Yahoo.

  7. FluffyCorasmin says:

    Anyways i have the poodle in webkinz i am LOVING it and if you do not have a webkinz you can order it online, and i have 10 webkinz

  8. babetteab says:

    I have all except for the cat range. Will be hard to find. Thought the love puppy sofa would have made that list. Happy trading!

  9. ryleighz8 says:

    i got the magical retriver bed in trading room!!!!

  10. CountryKinz17 says:

    I luv that sparkling star bed!

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