Update #294: What’s New!


Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to tell you about all of the new things we have happening in Kinzville over the next few weeks! Let’s take a look!




  • My next Player Appreciation Day is on Sunday, April 14th! Log in to your Webkinz account on either web or mobile to receive this month’s prize: a White Chocolate Egg Costume! Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz to learn how you can also get the hat and boots for this costume!




  • The 2019 Spring Clothing Line has arrived in the KinzStyle Outlet and on the Webkinz mobile app! Drop by and pick up some cool fashions for your pet today! To make room for the new stock, PJ Collie has retired the 2018 Fall Clothing Line



  • Our 2019 Chocolate Egg Event runs from April 12th until April 21st! Collect 2019 Milk Chocolate Eggs around Webkinz World and feed them to your pet to win prizes!



  • Don’t forget that you can also pick up 2019 White Chocolate Eggs from the Ganz eStore or from the WShop! When you feed them to your pet, you’ll receive a prize matching the Milk Chocolate Egg prizes, with a chance to win 1 of 2 GRAND PRIZES!



  • Spring is the time to celebrate! Make sure you log in to your Webkinz account on Sunday, April 21st to receive your 2019 Spring Celebration Gift Basket, filled with some super celebratory prizes!



  • Our latest Webkinz Newz Week event runs from Monday, April 22nd until Sunday, April 28th! Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz to learn more about all of the fun events and prizes we have planned for the week!



  • Our 14th Webkinz Day is only a few weeks away! Make sure you log in to your Webkinz account on Monday, April 29th to join the celebration! If you do, you’ll receive a special gift box and find all sorts of fun events and prizes to be won, including a chance to spin the Super Wheel!



  • Make sure you keep collecting your Kiwi Bird Pet Medallions throughout the month of April! Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz to learn more about all of the fun events and prizes we have lined up to celebrate the arrival of this new pet!




  • Tuesday, April 30th is our next Deluxe Day! If you’re a Deluxe Member, you’ll be able to play lots of bonus events on the Today’s Activities schedule! And while you’re there, don’t forget to pick up your special prize: a Webkinz Stained Glass Window!



  • If you’re a Deluxe Member, you know that you get a special bonus box each month. Inside is a box of random Pet Medallions, a box that lets you choose any item from the Cozy Condo theme, and a special piece of clothing that you can’t get anywhere else! The Deluxe clothing item for the month of May is a Spring Shower Dress!



  • A new monthly challenge arrives for Deluxe Members on May 1st! Complete all of the tasks and you’ll get an Iron Wood Gardening Can to help you with your NEW Iron Wood Greenhouse!



  • The 2019 Flower Collection Event runs throughout the month of May! Send out daily request for flowers to your friends. If they respond, you can win some fabulous floral prizes!



  • Our next Trophy Challenge runs from Monday, May 6th until Sunday, May 12th! The featured game this time will be Tulip Troubles. If you complete all of the tasks before May 12th, you’ll receive some Fresh Tulips from the Garden, along with a NEW Tulip Troubles Trophy!



  • We’ve once again updated the prizes on several of our daily wheels! See what you can win on the Wheel of Wow, the mobile Wheel of Wow, the Wheel of Deluxe, and the Vacation Wheel!



I hope everyone found this helpful. Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz for all the latest updates about how we’re making Webkinz World the best it can be!



Mayor of Kinzville


53 Responses to Update #294: What’s New!

  1. HartLakeKids says:

    Mayor Sophie, ever since you have been in office, things have become so much more fun in Webkinz World!!!! Thank you for being such an awesome mayor!! We love you :) :) :) !!!

  2. IndigoZap says:


    I NEED THE SALLY WEBKINZ BOXES FOR MY COLLECTION! I can’t wait for Webkinz Newz Week! A Tulip Troubles Trophy Challenge? Great! “Great. Just great. So great I could throw myself into a grate..” “You mean crate.” “Whatever”(My Webkinz pet and her brother talking from a roleplay of mine. XD) I’m so excited for the flower challenge even though that couch is um.. yeah… XD April’s not only my birthday month, IT’S AN AWESOME MONTH FOR WEBKINZ AND IT’S 14TH ANNIVERSARY!! 14th… WOW!! O_O Thanks so much, So fab-so fun-Sophie!!! XD

  3. oldyellerjr says:

    I Love that the prize wheels are getting new items. I have been a deluxe member for 2 years and was getting tired of getting the same old stuff!!

  4. ngeorgianow says:

    That’s super nice of you!!!

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