Help the Unicorns Paint Eggs!


You did a great job collecting rainbows! Now it’s time to paint Spring Celebration Eggs!


From April 10 to 20, the final part of your mission is to use the color you collected from the rainbows to help the Lil Spring Unicorns paint eggs. To get started, buy 10 eggs at the W Shop. To practice your painting skills, take 6 Creativity classes at Kinzville Academy. Then visit the Rainbow Room in the Clubhouse and click on the Lil Purple Spring Unicorn to help it out and get a Rainbow Candy Apple once a day. Feed 7 Rainbow Candy Apples to your pets to complete your mission.


If you help the Lil Unicorns paint all the eggs by April 20, you’ll earn a Radical Rainbow Cake Pop, a Wish Token, and a Purple Unicorn Rocking Horse!

Need more eggs? Visit  Webkinz Newz where you can find Foil Wrapped Eggs floating around between April 10 and 20! You can get one per Webkinz account a day!

23 Responses to Help the Unicorns Paint Eggs!

  1. starrie says:

    Hello, I just picked up an apple from the unicorn, but when I went to feed it to my pet, it is missing from my dock. Not sure how I can complete the challenge. I appreciate any help… Thanks.

  2. kristaw5 says:

    I have been trying all morning to get into the clubhouse but get a blank message. please check this as we only have 10 days to get 7 apples. Thank you.

  3. fb416 says:

    Don’t know why but I can’t get into the clubhouse at all today on either Edge or Internet Explorer.

  4. Twistersmom says:

    Please Help Sally Webkinz. What do we do when all our Webkinz have completed all our classes. It will not let us play so you can’t not complete the Unicorn Challenge.

  5. Ellen1970 says:

    I did the Creativity Class and failed miserably but I got credit for the attempt!

  6. xenasunfox123 says:

    Hey Sally, sometimes I play the prize claw machine and I win Kinzcash and it doesn’t get added to my account. I don’t know if logging out and then logging back in would help. But I just won 100 Kinzcash today from the claw machine and nothing changed at all.

  7. Ilovehifive says:

    One comment about the challenge..when I was at the academy..I can go to recess but it won’t let me play the sandbox or spin the miracle go round..or close out from the x..but no issues with the other games in the recess..thanks..

  8. Davids1lilpixie says:

    Lovely. I’ve tried several times to do the creative painting in the academy and find it beyond my old lady, non arcade gaming skills…. I guess I’ll be buying my way out of that one…..

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