Valentine’s Day Gift Gallery!


TODAY, February 14th, is Valentine’s Day! Make sure you log in to Webkinz World or the Webkinz mobile app to receive this year’s lovely gift: a Ms. Birdy Valentine’s Plushy!





Here’s a look back at all of the gift boxes and prizes we’ve given out over the years on Valentine’s Day!





How many of these lovely prizes have YOU collected? Let us know in the comments below!


47 Responses to Valentine’s Day Gift Gallery!

  1. Rocky5465 says:

    I have all of them except 2008 Sweetheart chocolates, and both from 2007! I love collecting past holiday gifts, need to start looking for those!


    there have been problems with my account, things are missing, floors walls, clothing, the wings I loved. i have complained several times still not fixed, so disappointed! Sometimes the submit buttons work

  3. puppylcve says:

    I still have the roses from 2008!

  4. witch56 says:

    I’m so bummed, my internet connection was down yesterday and I was not able to log in on Valentine’s day to collect the Mrs.Birdie Valentine’s plushy. Does anybody happen to have an extra one or know of anyone who would be willing to trade one for something?

  5. KSC says:

    Those gift boxes are so beautiful!! I started playing quite recently, late 2015, so I have the chocolate shop uniform, the Lovely racing suit and helmet, as well as the Cinnamon plushy.

  6. LeoGrimm says:

    So sad to have missed Cupid’s wings… I want them so much!

  7. eclipse07 says:

    I want the two older plushies:c [sam030507]

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