Valentine’s Treasure Hunt – Find the Code for a FREE Go Kart!

The race is on to find a sweet new item – the Sweetheart Go Kart! This new item can be yours when you solve the clues to find all four parts of a FREE Community Code! The clues are hidden all around Webkinz Newz until February 28. Simply follow the link below which will take you to the Treasure Hunt, then use the clues to figure out which pages hold the parts of the code. Enter the code in the Code Shop in to get your free Sweetheart Go-Kart! It will race away with your heart!


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  1. dudeman17 says:

    Guess I will not be able to complete the treasure hunt. Every time I find the clue and click continue it takes me to an empty page with the heading “bad gateway”. There is only 1/2 hour left so although I got all the answers by deleting my cookies with every answer (I got a different code each time I cleared my cookies) it would not allow me to see the last question. After I had 3 codes it continued doing the bad gateway thing and when I cleared my cookies so I could try again it started only letting me see the first question. Therefore I was never able to get the last question nor the 4th code. Oh well… maybe next time.

  2. 1aa2bb3cc says:

    Help, I’m running out of time. I cannot find the fourth clue, I got on the Feb. 10 TRENDZ link but no code. Is it buried in the pictures? I’ve cleared history, gotten on different browsers, but can’t find the fourth clue. Thanks.

  3. 1aa2bb3cc says:

    The information says the clues are available until Feb. 28, but when I click on TRENDZ for Feb. 10, I don’t see any code. What am I doing wrong? I have the other three codes, but if I click on the news article telling about the treasure hunt, I just get the third code and that’s it. Please help.

  4. AnimalGirl1991 says:

    Help please! I have finished the treasure hunt and got all the codes, but when I enter the code in on Webkinz it says “this code does not exist”…. I tried to do the treasure hunt all over again just to make sure I wrote down all the codes correctly, but it won’t let me. Any advise? I really want this! Thanks!

    • AnimalGirl1991 says:

      Never mind I figured it out. If you are in the same situation as me all I did was go to the contests tab and click treasure hunts and go from there instead of clicking the link above. Going directly to the contests page you will be able to start the treasure hunt over again. Turns out I wrote one of the numbers wrong, but now I am happy with my new go cart. Hope this helps others :)

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Make sure you assembled the code in the correct order :)

      • spotsoreo says:

        @Sally Webkinz I tried putting the code in different way because it was not working and now it says that I have to wait 24 hours and my account could be terminated but all I was trying to do was get the Go Kart. Will my account be terminated? I was not trying to use someone else code, I was trying to put in the public code but it won’t work whatever order I put it in.

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          That warning comes up after too many failed attempts. Please review the Treasure Hunt again and put them in the order listed (first, second, third, fourth) and try that again when your account is unlocked.

  5. nettne2 says:

    i really like the vehicles, they are so cute

  6. hotcheetoss says:

    I completed the hunt and got the code, but when I tried to enter it in the code shop, it said ” this code does not exist” so i tried to do the hunt again, but one of the clues is to go to the latest trendz, which isnt listed on the front page anymore… I really want this vehicle! Can anyone help?

    • nettne2 says:

      you may have it in the wrong order, the 1st clue gave the third set of numbers,then the 2nd clue gave the first set, then the 3rd clue gave the second set then the 4th clue gave the last set. i dont know how to send the code to you. not sure if we are allowed to post it here.

    • loue354 says:

      You can redo the hunt again but you will have to go to the NEWZ BLOG PAGE and where it says search type in the word TRENDZ and click on the article that way. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CODE IN THE CORRECT ORDER. The clues will tell you which order to put them in…..GOOD LUCK!

    • intoodeep says:

      I just completed the hunt and found all four clues for the code to get the car. For the last clue to look under latest trendz, I went to the menu above under Blog News and searched for TRENDZ. Open the latest one, February 10th and you will get the last four digits to complete the hunt for the car.

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