Very Valentine Ends February 16th

Can you believe Very Valentine is almost over? We hope you’ve loved winning this Season’s collection of hearty rewards.

Players can purchase a Season Pass at any time to earn an entire tier of fabulous items an exclusive emoji, an adorable avatar, Diamonds, Mystery Capsules a Gem Capsule and an exclusive recipe card!

Season Pass holders who finish the Season will win a Pure of Heart Balloon.

To purchase a Season Pass, just click on the Season Pass icon on the left hand side of the Seasons interface.

You can purchase a Season Pass for $6.99 USD or, if you’re a little behind on earning points, bundle a Season Pass plus 250 Season Points for only $8.99 USD.

If you’ve been playing Very Valentine, we would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.
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8 Responses to Very Valentine Ends February 16th

  1. raysgirl says:

    Does any ones igloo look as colorful as it does in their dock when you place it in a room? Mine looks nice in the dock, but like a pale shade of gray without color when I place it in any room.

  2. birdbyby94 says:

    did anyone else get all 6 chocolates from cinnamon, but then couldn’t get the chocolate statue? i have them all but it wont let me click on cinnamon to get the prize. help!

  3. bobme248 says:

    As someone relatively new to Next, the thing I like about challenges is that it gives me a chance to learn about the site and try different games. I wish the that the game instructions were more explicit (either in Next or in WKN). I prefer static instructions to video (although I will go to a video if the static instructions aren’t sufficient). I prefer game tasks that allow for an accumulation of points (especially as there are games that aren’t great for those of us who can’t deal with lots of motion). That said there are many opportunities for points IF you have a baby. Finally, I wish there was a week or two of down time between the seasons. It takes so much time to go through the tasks that I really don’t spend time on Next other than to complete the tasks.

  4. pittiesrule says:

    I wish that the clothing, sofa & rose bush arbor were on Classic.

  5. JadeSweetSummer3 says:

    Awesome I bought this season and finished it a week ago thank you for the heads up Ganz!

  6. crystalfawns53 says:

    I’m almost at the grand prize and so far, I think the season was really good. I didn’t purchase the season pass, but a lot of the prizes that I liked was in the free pass, which was really nice.

  7. bonniesueheft says:

    the gifts on classic were dull.

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