Webkinz Room Designs – February 13, 2024


It’s Valentine Day tomorrow! Don’t forget to log in to your Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next accounts to collect your Valentine’s Day goodies.


I have twenty new room designs to share with you today, including a Camp Kinz Rec Room, Mermaid Swim Lessons and Wacky’s Plant Sanctuary!





Congratulations to today’s designers! You each have the chance to become a finalist the next time we hold the Room Design Awards!


Miss my last post? CLICK HERE to see it now!


Anyone can send me a screenshot of their favorite Webkinz Next or Webkinz Classic room for the chance to be featured in a room design post. Just email it to letsbuild@ganz.com.


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20 Responses to Webkinz Room Designs – February 13, 2024

  1. roxy616 says:

    Absolutely adore your Mermaid Swim Lessons room, Frankie…such a clever and unique design! Everything blends together beautifully and it has such rich detail…Amazing job!!!

    • frankie98 says:

      Aww thank you Roxy. I am so glad my room was featured because I wanted you to see how I used the items you so kindly sent me to help in my room design. Could not have come up with the special touches without your help. You are the best:)

  2. gospottgo says:

    Thank you for displaying our “Fun House Fair”! I love “Walnut’s Room” by Haley and “Wacky’s Plant Sanctuary” by Mayzee2. Very nicely put together rooms. What is that wallpaper in “Wacky’s Plant Sanctuary”? So cool! :)

  3. nate4555 says:

    I love your room Frakie98! So many fun and interesting details!

    • frankie98 says:

      Thank you Nate, I am so happy you liked my room:) I have to say that without the help of our dear sweet Roxy I would not have been able to have my vision a reality. The little details are due to her generosity:) Webkinz friends are the best!

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