Visit Cinnamon In The Kinzville Park


Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand is open for business! From February 7th – 14th, click on the Chocolate Stand in the Kinzville Park to get a FREE chocolate every day (web only).



You can always keep track of your collection by clicking on the Chocolate Collection icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.


If you manage to collect all 6 chocolates you’ll win the Grand Prize, but here’s the catch: 5 can be collected from Cinnamon’s Chocolate Stand in the park but 1 is only available from Webkinz Newz. From February 7th – 14th, look for the floating Jumbleberry Jam Chocolate on and click on it to send it back to your Webkinz account and have it added to your collection. Here’s a look at this year’s chocolates:



You’re going to love this year’s Grand Prize. The Sweetheart Pantry Fridge is the perfect place to store your chocolates and it can be yours by collecting all 6 from February 7th – 14th.



If you wait until you’ve collected all 5 chocolates before getting the final one from Webkinz Newz, you’ll need to return to the park and click on the Chocolate Collection icon to get the fridge. If you see a trash bag on the bottom right corner of your screen when you return to the park, make sure you click on a recycling bin and empty it. You won’t see the Chocolate Collection icon if the bag is showing on screen.


How many chocolates have you collect so far? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


51 Responses to Visit Cinnamon In The Kinzville Park

  1. Lisalu06 says:

    I collected all the chocolates but didn’t receive the grand prize.

  2. katandlo says:

    Please fix the park – cannot enter – could not finish with Asia accounts

  3. starchic1010 says:

    Can you trade for chocolates if you missed too many days?

  4. ghosthunter8 says:

    Having trouble locating the floating chocolate. I clicked on it the other day but it didn’t go back to my webkinz account. Now I can’t find it floating anywhere. Also, when I try to move around on Ganz world my computer keeps coming up 502 Bad Gateway and nothing appears on the screen. Can someone help?

  5. EmpressJJ says:

    I cant wait to receive the prize!

  6. KarenaJ says:

    I would like to buy Cinnamon Hamster, but I am confused, are they a pet, or something else? Is it more like a plushy or item, estore says it’s a code. I never can find this out. Help someone please can I get info?

    • IouMercer says:

      It’s a virtual pet. You get a code to adopt it

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Hi KarenaJ – If you decide to buy Cinnamon Hamster from the Estore, it will be a virtual item only, no plushy will come with your purchase. The Estore will send you a pet code through your Email address and you can enter the code in the Adoption center on Webkinz World mobile app or desktop version. Your code will also be visible in your Estore account history. Good Luck with your purchase – Cinnamon is really cute :-)

      • Alphaowlbear says:

        Hi again KarenaJ – Actually, it sounds like you would be purchasing a code to enter in the code shop – not the adoption center. If the code is 16 characters long, then it is for the code shop. It will be virtual only, no plush involved.

        • KarenaJ says:

          Thanks everyone, I saw one in the clubhouse, and I want one so bad. As long as it’s a pet I can name and have like my other pets, that’s what I was wondering. I don’t see a psi or psf that comes with, and that was confusing me. Thanks again for the help on this!

  7. MCpeace_140 says:

    I am having the same problem on various account. When I click on the floating chocolate berry it say campaign expired.

  8. merrywayjr says:

    After the collection is complete, it would be nice to be able to collect additional candies from Cinnamon. The same way that you can continue to collect Halloween treats from the clubhouse ghost.

  9. Traveller says:

    It seems that every time I click on the webkinz news pages, I get a “bad gateway” message. It often takes me three attempts to move from one page to another. Trying different pathways to webkinz news makes no difference. Bad gateway, bad gateway, bad gateway! I have wasted a lot of time dealing with bad gateways and I haven’t seen a single floating chocolate. I rarely see a floating cupcake so I have a surplus of “best” cupcakes and a dearth of “friends” cupcakes. Neither of these campaigns has been fun for me. :-( :-( :-(

  10. mfredrickson says:

    I have all 5 chocolates from Cinnamon… however I have not seen any floating chocolates on Webkinz news. I have been trying for 5 days on various accounts also. I haven’t been having any floating F cupcakes either. Feeling frustrated.

    • Gladysomega says:

      I’m so sorry you’re having problems finding the floating Friends cupcakes and the Jumbleberry Jam chocolate. Have you tried clearing your history and entered Webkinz Newz from scratch instead of using a bookmark? Are you using a tablet? Are your updates current? Also, and this may seem a silly question, but are you changing pages while you are on WKN? The floaties don’t appear if you stay on one page, also, wait for a page to completely download before changing. I haven’t had any problems, but sometimes I don’t see a floaty until the 5th or 6th page – Good Luck.

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